5 Behavior Problems Parents Shouldn’t Ignore


Being a parent is anything but easy. Every kid is different and adjusting to each of your kids personalities can be a daunting task. Factor in how hard life can be and you might just be tempted to overlook some misbehavior now and then. However, there are some misbehaviors that shouldn’t be overlooked. Instead, you’ll want to correct them them now to avoid more serious misbehaviors later on.

Here are 5 behavior problems parents will want to fix now!

Interrupting When You’re Talking

This happens all the time. Your kid might be excited to tell you something, but the problem is that you’re already talking to someone else. Allowing him/her to butt into your conversation doesn’t teach her how to be respectful of other people when they’re busy. If this misbehavior isn’t corrected, your child will think that they’re entitled to others’ attention and will get frustrated when then attention isn’t met. Next time this happens, let your kid know that they shouldn’t interrupt you and that they need to be quiet until you’re finished. Then, you’ll be able to give them the attention they want.

Playing Too Rough

Playing a bit rough is part of being a kid. But don’t look the other way when that play gets too rough and includes things like pinching, shoving or punching. By letting this slide, you’re telling your child that it’s okay to hurt people. You’ll want to address aggressive behavior like this right away. Let your child know that they shouldn’t play rough and instead use their words if they get angry.

Pretending Not To Hear You

Kids never listen. But as a parent, you don’t want to ignore the fact that they are pretending not to hear you after you asked them to do something the fourth time. You’re the parent and they ned to listen. So the next time they ignore your calls, try walking over to them instead of yelling from another room. Have them look at you when you talk, so that they know you mean business. If your child still doesn’t do as you ask, impose a certain consequence.

Having An Attitude With You

Sassy behavior starts when your kids are small and can get worse as they get older. If you don’t confront it when your kids are young, it’ll press on as they get older and get even worse. Make your child aware of their behavior. You don’t want to make your child feel bad about expressing their feelings, but instead show them how they look or sound. If the attitude persists, you can simply refuse to give them the time of day and walk away. Let them know you won’t address them until they can talk nicely.

Exaggerating The Truth

Telling a fib here and there isn’t that bad, but if you find that your child is always exaggerating the truth, then you’ll want to do something about it. Lying can become a trait your child uses when they want to look better or avoid doing something. When you child tells a lie, let them know that if they don’t tell the truth, no one will believe them later. Also, try to look for a motivation for the lying, making sure they don’t achieve their goal.

What are some other behavior problems parents shouldn’t ignore?

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash