Sun Harvest: A Review of Smart & Final’s New Organic Baby Food

sun harvest baby food by smart and final

Are you tired of making your own baby food? Or, maybe your baby is a picky eater. Have you tried Sun Harvest Organic Baby Food exclusively found at Smart & Final?! Oh my let me tell you, I have always been skeptical of store bought baby food because you never really know what it’s made of and it always really tastes kind of funny, doesn’t it? However, I was given the opportunity to try out Sun Harvest Organic Baby Food and guess what…my baby loved it, and I did too!! Now, I’m not just saying she loved it because she ate an entire container in one sitting, but because she had a wide open mouth for every single bite.

IMG_4149 (1)

I decided to give the Mixed Vegetables flavor a try! My first thought when I opened the baby food was that it looked a bit runny. But, I just had to give it a little swirl to mix in the water sitting on top. Then, I gave it a little taste myself and I actually thought it tasted yummy!

With actual pureed vegetables in the food, Sun Harvest baby foods provide a bit of texture for baby to experience. It’s a good thing as it provides baby the chance to test out new textures while eating! Although my baby is an awesome eater, I tend to forget to add vegetables to every dish, so this was a perfect way to provide her with her daily dose of vegetables. Yay for a mom win!

I gave my baby her first bite and she loved it! She was all smiles when eating her food and smacking her lips asking for more. She finished an entire container and even wanted more. I can’t wait to give her another!

Sun Harvest Baby Food is hand-picked at the peak of freshness – and there are no fillers, salt or sugar. Straight from the farm to your baby’s highchair, Sun Harvest Baby Food is packed with nature’s wholesome, delicious taste. Parents will feel good knowing their baby is on the right path to a lifetime of wholesome nutrition.

Thank you Smart & Final and Sun Harvest for letting us sample your organic baby food! It was so nice to feed her not only something yummy, but baby food made with real, organic vegetables! You can find this amazing baby food at Smart & Final. At only 99¢ per 4 ounce serving, go grab some now!

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