How To Un-Spoil Your Child


Making your kids happy is what every parent wants. But then again, you don’t want to raise an ungrateful adult who’s unappreciative either. There’s a a fine line when it comes to making your kids happy and spoiling them. Many parents admit that they do give into their child’s demands, giving them things because they never had them as a child or because it makes life easier giving into demands every now and then. Plus, as parents, we like to create happy memories with our kids.

Even though there is nothing wrong with giving into your child’s every wish or giving them special treats and treatments every now and again, you do risk spoiling them too much. This will create unwanted behavior later on as your child now feels entitled. Your job as a parent is to reinforce their good behavior – not the bad.

But don’t worry if you’ve been spoiling them too much and they’re now acting entitled. It’s not too late to reverse their behavior with some of these parenting tactics to un-spoil your child!

House Rules Aren’t Up For Debate

Never give in to your child’s demands when it comes to going against your house rules. Your kids have the right to be mad when they don’t get their way, but going back and forth with them is pointless. You are the parent and there shouldn’t be any debate on your house rules. What you say goes. Be firm and don’t flop on this. Your spouse also needs to be on the same page with the house rules for this to be effective.

Manage Tantrums

Tantrums are the worst, but they are part of being a parent. The reason why kids continue to have meltdowns is because they are successful at having them. Crying and throwing a tantrum gets them exactly what they want, so the behavior will consist. Instead, don’t engage in the behavior and it’ll eventually stop. Your child will test you until they realize that it’s not working anymore. You just have to be strong and not give in. If you are at hope, just ignore the behavior. If you’re out and about, calmly take your child to the car to finish their tantrum. This shoes that you won’t be manipulated when they act up in public.

Provide Encouragement And Not Gifts

Instead of gifts for doing something good, give your child encouragement instead. Don’t buy them something to mark a special occasion. That will only teach them that they’ll get compensation for every little accomplishment and will start to lose their natural drive to excel. If you do want to treat them, make sure it’s a celebration rather than a reward.

Teach Them Patience

Spoiled kids want what they want and want it immediately. But you can’t blame them given we live in a world where we all want instant gratification. These new technologies teach our kids to have unrealistic expectations about getting what they want, when they want it. Teaching them patience is important. By refusing (or at least holding off) on indulgences will help your child develop self-discipline. They’ll also appreciate things a bit more given they had to wait for it. But don’t forget to teach your kid restraint by modeling it yourself!

Un-spoiling your child isn’t going to happen overnight. Also, be prepared for some backlash as they try to resist your new ways. It’ll take awhile to see a difference, but if don’t deter from your plan, you’ll soon have a more grateful child!

Photo by Sai De Silva on Unsplash