I Had Back-To-Back COVID-19 Birthdays: Here’s What I Learned


I never planned on having kids whose birthdays were only days apart… I mean, what parent would want that, right? Turns out August is my most fertile month of the year; in particular the last few weeks. I’ve had three conceptions in August in the last five years (with one ectopic pregnancy), which means my middle son and youngest daughter are both born in May – 2 years and five days apart, to be exact.

My son turned four on May 5th and my daughter turned two on May 10th. While I try not to have them parties at the same time (with her first birthday and his third the exception), I am trying to do a big party every other year, rotating with my oldest who is six. The years that the kids don’t get a party, we’ll do something special like a theme park or a small party with just close family and friends.

Earlier this year, before COVID-19 struck, I had plans to go to Disneyland for my May babies, but obviously that didn’t happen. Currently, COVID parties are the latest thing (which we’ve written a GUIDE on here), so naturally, I had my own; or should I say TWO birthdays back-to-back. Here are some things I’ve learned about planning COVID birthdays in hopes that others could use these tips when planning their own:

Planning Was Still Stressful

Planning parties can be quite a headache, especially if it’s not your forte. I thought a small COVID thing at home wasn’t going to be a big deal or as much as a headache as planning an actual party, but boy was I wrong. It was just as stressful I found. Between trying to figure out what I wanted to do, what worked with my budget and resources (certain stores weren’t open and shipping took longer than usual) and coordinating with family we can’t see, things got a bit overwhelming. If you’re planning a COVID party, make a checklist of what you plan to do and your budget so that you can keep track of it all. I had to change strategies a bit given the lack of resources or the availability of things.

What You Plan Doesn’t Always Work Out

My kids are still little so they don’t have any other friends to invite for a birthday car parade I wanted, so I reached out to family. Turns out, we live quite far from them and I didn’t want them to make the trek for something that would last a few minutes. I had to change my COVID party strategy to something more intimate with my immediate family.

You’ll Think It Wasn’t Enough

I was able to get a few things off of Amazon (after some shipping delays), Walmart and Target to create a special balloon arch/background wall for my kitchen area to surprise each of the kids on their day. My son had a Monster Truck theme, while we went with Unicorns for my daughter. I decorated the windows with balloons and birthday signs, wrapped their presents and set them out, ordered a small decorated cake from a local vendor and planned a special meal for both. We decided to make the day all about them and do whatever they wanted. Despite my efforts, I still felt it wasn’t enough. I know I did my best, but deep down inside, it felt off still. Maybe it’s because we couldn’t really see extended family or friends or even go out. Factor in a fragile mental state for being stuck at home too long, too. Although you’ll think it’s probably not enough, know that it is and that any little effort  you’re putting into a birthday party during this  pandemic is more than enough!

My oldest son’s birthday isn’t until October and hopefully by then, things will be (semi) back to normal for us to do something outside of the home with his friends and extended family.

Have you planned COVID birthdays? How was it? Tell us in the comments!


Photo by Rahel Daniel on Unsplash