Virtual Tutoring Was Just What My Son Needed


I don’t know about you, but this virtual learning is pretty much killing this mama! I get that it’s only for the time being, but with no end in sight, it’s hard to be positive that my son is still learning when he fights me on virtual learning every damn day.

“Do I have school today?” he eagerly asks every morning, hoping I’d magically say no for some reason. “Yes, you have school today until Friday. Then we have the weekend and it’s right back at it,” I reply just as I have for the past few months.

My son isn’t having the best time with remote learning. He needs social interaction and being at a computer from 8:30 to 11:15 (with breaks) bores him. He’s a smart kid and he’s been performing less than satisfactory when it comes to his language arts, especially phonics. I knew I wanted to get him a tutor, but couldn’t commit to the price tag of what others were offering.

But that changed when I found out about virtual tutoring. At first I thought more screen time was the last thing my son needed. But then I was introduced to NH Tutor from New Horizons, and realized it was just what he needed to get a bit of extra one-on-one help to improve his phonics learning (because he wasn’t responding great when I tried teaching him). New Horizons has been a leader in online education since 1982, so they’ve been around for a while and understand the evolution of technology and education.

It was easy, convenient and affordable – three things this hot mess mama sick of fighting over school needed. Before each of our virtual tutoring sessions, I was contacted via email. The tutor wanted to know what areas my son needed tutoring in and if there was any homework or classwork he needed help in. Since he just needed more phonics learning, I explained what he was having trouble on and she said she’d take care of it.

I was also sent a reminder email about the sessions about 30 minutes to remind me because I would have probably forgotten. Signing in was easy and was done through NH Tutor’s dashboard, where he was tutored in their online video system.

The tutor was prepared and immediately went to work, chatting up my first grader so that he was comfortable answering questions and learning. The sessions lasted about an hour and while I wasn’t there sitting next to him the entire time, I could hear him interacting from downstairs.

I noticed an immediate improvement in his phonics work the very next day after the session and was surprised when he asked when we’d have another virtual tutoring session! He said the tutor made the session fun and he liked the games she played with him. This mama couldn’t have been happier to hear!

We had a few more virtual tutoring sessions with NH Tutor and every experience has been wonderful. The second time he had it, it was in a small group setting (based on grades), so it was fun to also see him interact with kids his age.

NH Tutor offers a variety of tutoring times during the week, so you’ll definitely find something that works with your kid’s school schedule. If you’ve been looking for a tutor to no avail, you should try out virtual tutoring. You can purchase a few classes or sign up for a monthly rate.

The great news is that NH Tutor is offering one FREE virtual tutoring session, so you can try it out and see if it’s something that works for your family. But honestly, if you’re like me, you’ll find it VERY helpful! Find upcoming sessions here.

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This post was brought to you by NH Tutor by New Horizons.