Will You Be Joining A Pandemic Pod For Fall?


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With school starting back up really soon (like next month soon), many parents are left wondering how in the world are they going to be able to teach their kids remotely while still working, looking after other kids and generally doing regular life stuff when the kids are usually in school. For many parents, the options were either homeschool, homeschool/charter school, remote learning or distance learning.

All of the choices were very daunting and had their own challenges. While many rushed to get into a homeschool charter, some were a little late to the game and now have to declare themselves an actual school to proceed with their homeschool options, which means a lot of paperwork as they file with the state of California. Other parents (like me) chose to keep their kids in school using the traditional route, which now means remote until further notice, while distance learning meant they’d do the entire year online.

Whatever choice you chose, it was most likely not an easy one. I’m worried about my first grader not learning and thus falling behind later. I’m sure many parents feel the same, regardless of what schooling route they choice and so many are turning to tutors advertising their services (an extra cost that not many can afford, see this post). To combat the expenses of $50+ hour sessions, many are now looking to get into “pandemic pods,” which essential are small groups of kids in the same grade chipping in to afford weekly tutoring sessions. This not only provides the kids with some interaction with others, but it also helps them learn from a professional. Plus, it also lowers the cost of extra learning so that parents can at least feel better about their kids not falling behind academically.

In every mom’s Facebook group I’m in, there’s a call for these pods to split the cost of a tutor, bringing down the instruction to about $20 or $30 a session. It’s still money that many aren’t used to spending when they send their kid(s) to public school for free, but at least it gives them peace of mind knowing that someone who knows what they’re doing helping supplement any learning.

These are some tough times and parents are just trying to survive. No one knows what will happen with the pandemic in the long run, with some saying we might go on with this type of learning until next spring. Having options helps and these “pandemic pods” do lessen the educational load on parents afraid of not doing an adequate job of e-learning for their kids.

But if you still can’t afford the extra fee despite the lower price, DON’T FEEL BAD! You are not a bad parent for not joining in on the hype. Do your best at schooling at home and on your own and give yourself some grace!

So are you joining a pandemic pod when the school year starts?


  1. There is a *free* app you can listen to which includes links to everything it references for more info and teaches young people how to learn without school.  It was made with adolescents in mind, but the concept apply to all ages.  Most importantly, it was written just before Covid and it all still applies.  Covid cannot stop an empowered self-directed learning from continuing their education.  Don’t believe me?  Go to LEAVE-SCHOOL.com And listen for yourself.

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