Potty Training My Last Baby: How I Did It In A Week

potty training

“Potty training is GREAT” said no mom ever!

When it comes to new developments for your child, potty training is at the bottom of every parent’s list. It’s an essential thing every toddler/baby needs to learn and it’s one of the toughest on parents.

Sure, you might be lucky and have one of those toddlers who is “ready” for potty training and it’s a breeze (about less than one percent), but most likely you’ve faced some sort of potty training hell throughout the duration of your parenting. And if you’re a first-timer, know that you’re in for quite the journey (and I say that sarcastically).

I’ve never had an easy potty training story, but I wasn’t expecting my last to be my worst. While I’ve potty trained two boys before, I was thinking my girl would be easier given how she hates to be soiled. I waited until she was three to ensure she was ready or at least have her understand the entire process better than how my boys did when I did it at two.

I figured she was older and would get the hang of it easier. Boy was I wrong!

She was a tough cookie and as stubborn as a mule (or bull given she’s a Taurus). She would straight out tell me “NO!” when I tried to introduce her to the small potty while stomping her foot to further signal her annoyance with my request. No matter how much I didn’t want to go through with it (I’ve been told by many to just wait until she was ready and that she’ll eventually come around), I had to given she starts preschool in August and needed to be potty trained.

I would bribe her with candy, toys and iPad time; bought her undies in every character she likes; and would dance and sing silly songs to try and get her to try the potty. I really didn’t want to go the cold turkey route and hoped she’d respond well to the above incentives.

Nope, that wasn’t going to work and so here’s what worked for me to get her to potty train within a week:

Going Cold Turkey

After realizing she was going to be a pain, I had to go cold turkey and let her soil herself all day long. This happened for about two days, where I had her in nothing but her princess undies and let her go completely on herself. I wouldn’t let her on certain furniture items and had towels everywhere. I was doing laundry non-stop!

Started With The Small Potty

Some parents go straight to the larger potty, but I started with the small one to help get her used to the idea of going. It was pink and I placed it in a corner that allowed her to see the TV. I’d put her on it every 30 minutes on the dot and just let her sit there for five minutes. She cried and fought me, but at the end of the third day, it worked! She, of course, got some candy and iPad time.

The Move To The Big Potty

On the 5th day, we moved to the big potty thanks to the help of Minnie Mouse and the seat cover. I did the every 30 minutes plan again to get her used to it and by the end of that day, she was telling me she had to go.

No. 2

I was really worried about No. 2 and thought it was going to be weeks before we tackled this. However, after learning to go to the big potty, she took to it herself! We were putting on Pull-Ups just for the night so she realized she couldn’t hold it all the way until nighttime and realized she had to go in the potty for some relief.

This was two weeks ago and she hasn’t had an accident since those initial days. She now goes regularly and doesn’t fight me on anything. Was it the toughest week ever? Sure was, but in retrospect, it wasn’t as bad as I first thought!

Good luck to all your potty training parents out there! Let us know what worked for you!

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