Tips For Moving Baby From The Crib To The Big Kid Bed


This is one of the big milestones parents face as their babies become toddlers. This change is usually either prompted by an escape artist or the arrival of a new baby. For me, it was the arrival of my second son. I am happy to share that using this method leads to a flawless transition with no lost sleep for any of us.

Getting Ready

Micah has used a nest since he was about 5 months old. I got it because we travel so much and he loved the consistency, so having a new bed everywhere we went didn’t work for him. In my opinion, the nest is one of the biggest reasons the transition went too easily.

My first step in getting him ready to make the change was putting his new bed in his room. I opted for a full-size bed that is just a mattress on the floor for the moment, so that then we are only making the purchase once. Eventually, this will be his big boy bed on a frame once I’m no longer worried about him falling out.

**Side note on the bed, I am so happy that I got the bigger bed because there have been times I laid with him either to soothe him or read to him. Also, he is such an active sleeper the tiny bed probably would have woke him up as he banged his head or fell off doing his 360’s.

I got really comfy bedding and made it really exciting for Micah. I remember when I had it all set up, he ran in saying “WOW,” he loved it. We played on the bed, read his books on the bed, and talked about how “that is his big boy bed for mimi time.”

The last step to get ready is to make sure everything is baby proofed. Get rid of the cords, bolt any dressers to the wall. Make sure the space is safe! A big debate is whether or not to lock the child in. I chose to baby proof the handle so only I can open it for his safety. I can only imagine him getting up at 2 am and wandering around getting into mischief. I also got rid of all the toys except for books and stuffed animals.

Making The Move

We started small with nap time. The first day he wandered around for about 10 minutes and then went to bed. The second and third were about the same. Then by the 4th day, when we put him down for his nap, he went right to bed with no wandering. I decided that after 2 weeks of good napping, he’d be ready to make the move for night time.

The first night was the same as nap time. He wandered around for a few minutes and then went to bed. I did leave the crib in the room just in case he had a hard time with it we could switch back quickly. Much to my surprise, he had zero issues and slept in his nest in his bed then entire night! We never had any regression or problems!

I hope this helps!