Chantel Matthews

Chantel Matthews is a Coach, speaker and founder of UNPAUSE HER. - She believes as Mothers, we can be true to who we are, and care for ourselves without sacrificing our Families. Chantel has been married for 11 years and is Mom of 3, they reside in Southern California.

Drop the DRAMA Momma!

There are 3 ways we are creating unnecessary drama in our lives. #1 – ASSUMING & TAKING THINGS PERSONAL  This is something that a lot of us can get into the habit of doing. We ASSUME we know how...
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Zoomed In On What We Want As Moms

There is one word from 2020 that if you didn’t know… you know now.  ZOOM I started thinking… what are we actually zoomed in on? As Mothers, we are zoomed in on all our faults. We are zoomed in on everyone...
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Hoping vs Doing: When You’re Stuck In Hoping Energy

Let me ask you something… are you stuck in HOPING energy?   “ I hope I lose weight”  “ I hope I can stay healthy” “ I hope my connection will grow with my Spouse”    When we are stuck in HOPING, that’s all it is.    Hope makes us feel warm, fuzzy and...
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It’s Not About Living “Positive Vibes Only”

Here’s the thing…I actually do not believe in “positive vibes only.”   I know, I know... it sounds weird. Who wouldn’t want to live in a world where you have nothing but positive thoughts, right?!  What I...
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Breaking Up With Busy

We all know what it looks like to be SO BUSY that we have no gas left in our tank. We have no energy, we feel depleted and frustrated. But the thing is, I...