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An Inland Empire Mom Collective’s Guide to the Holidays

  The 2020 Holiday Season is officially upon us! The Holidays in the Inland Empire are magical! And because the season is so short (who else feels like there just isn't enough time?) and will...
woman laying down with hands over her face as if she's stressed

How To Overcome Mom Guilt

There’s no denying how tough it is being a mom. It doesn’t matter if you’re a working mom, work-from-home mom, stay-at-home-mom, adoptive mom, foster mom or stepmom, the duties of modern motherhood can be...

The Medication Process During Surrogacy

Karen Erikson is a mom and a former surrogate, who lives in the Inland Empire (Temecula/Murrieta area) and would like others to know what it’s like to become a surrogate. In October 2019, I delivered...
woman talking in therapy

Why Seeing A Therapist During Surrogacy or Fertility Treatment Is Important?

Support during any pregnancy is key, but having the right support during surrogacy or when undergoing fertility treatment is critical. Fertility therapists provide thoughtful and valuable insight, guidance and education for surrogate carriers when...

Medical Procedures & Surrogacy

When you decide to become a surrogate, you’ll need to undergo various medical procedures in order to begin the journey. Expect lots of medical testing, medications and check ups in the beginning to ensure...

Fall Activities In The Inland Empire

This time of year is our favorite!  From fall sports to fall recipes - what's there not to love?  The Inland Empire has so many fun things to do in the fall - which...

Holiday Decorating Organizational Tips

Wouldn't you agree that this year has been a turmoil of emotions and experiences? Everything in our day to day living has completely changed, and as the holidays approach some of us are not...
apple orchards in so cal

The Best Apple Orchards In Southern California

Fall is upon us and what better way to celebrate than to pick some of our very own apples?  And while much of So Cal doesn’t have the best weather for apples (we won’t...

The Ultimate Guide To Fall In The Inland Empire

Our Ultimate Guide to Fall in the Inland Empire is here! At least the season, even though it may not feel like Fall given the hotter temps and COVID.  But that doesn't mean we...

The Best Pumpkin Patches In The Inland Empire

Fall is here and while it may not feel like fall we can still celebrate it, right?  So grab a pumpkin spice latte and get yourself a picture with some pumpkins! Best Pumpkin Patches in...