Heather Jones

Heather is a born and raised Southern California girl gone Texas, who has a strong love for her family, friends, coffee, wine, food, amazing smelling candles, and sunshine. Although she always thought she would live in California forever, close to everyone and everything she knew, Heather took a leap of faith when her husband since 2010, Sean, informed her that his company was relocating to Allen, Texas. Heather and Sean moved to McKinney in January 2016 with their curly-haired, spirited, Lightning McQueen-obsessed, toddler son, Luc (joined the world in October 2014) and their obnoxious, Puggle, Teemu. She is enjoying every moment of her experience in North Texas and building friendships that she believes will last forever. A former advertising professional, Heather is now a stay-at-home, work-from-home (part time) mom, wife, friend, and follower of Christ, growing her faith each and everyday. She recently started studying to get her real estate license and is very ambitious to begin a new career that allows her the freedom to build her own business, while enjoying all of the little things that everyday motherhood and life have to offer. She loves to eat and has a passion for cooking, but believes that there is always a little “something” to add to any recipe she finds to make it her own. She loves fitness and living an all-around healthy lifestyle. When everyone in the house goes to bed, you will find her with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee (decaf of course, that late at night) in her hand, editing her daily iPhone photographs for her family in California, Instagram, and Facebook, while “pinning” the night away. You can find Heather at Happy & Healthy Mama and follow her on Instagram @happyandhealthymama.

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