Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kristie moved to Corona six years ago after her husband accepted a position in a neighboring city. Since then, she’s been able to create quite an extraordinary life in this wonderful city she calls home. As a work-from-home mom of three littles (Mason 4, Kingston 3 and sweet baby Juliette 3 months), Kristie is one busy momma! Life is non-stop for this momma, but she wouldn't have it any other way. The UCLA graduate is a writer/journalist/social media and communications coordinator by trade, but a momma and wife 24/7. When she’s not working and has a much-needed break from her kids, she enjoys reading, writing, wine, fitness and living life to her fullest! You can catch up with her everyday life on IG @therealmommychronicles!
boy with santa tips for parents on getting great santa pictures

10 Tips For Parents Looking To Get Great Santa Pictures

Santa visits are the norm this time of year as parents everywhere hurry to get annual pics with Father Christmas. While older siblings are used to this family traditions, babies or first-timers aren't as...

Elf On The Shelf Is More Magic Than Menace In Our Home

As soon as December 1st rolls around, moms everywhere start their love/hate relationship with their Elf on the Shelf. While the majority seem to dread his or her arrival, I actually don't mind it....

I Feel the Weight of the World More Than Ever During the Holidays

The holidays are here in full force and while many of us are preparing for the festivities with gifts, baking, decorating and the like, others see this season as anything but. There are so...

Holiday Decorating Stresses Me Out

There's an article going that's been circulating for a while now on how decorating early for the holidays makes you happier. I'm sure you saw it because everyone who was decorating back in early...

Embrace the Glow Up, Mama!

So, if you aren't aware, the social media #10YearChallenge is back. It was a social trend that started in January 2019 and apparently it has returned to end the year with a bang. Right...

4 Reasons To Attend Donuts With Santa 2019

December is literally days away as we get ready for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and then December 1st. The holidays are officially here and that also means the stress of getting ready for them, too....

Eyelash Extensions Upped My Mom Game

The other day, I came across a story on Glamour about how lash extensions made the author a better mom. It really intrigued me given I had already set an appointment with a local...

New Year, New Mom

Who else can't believe it's already 2019?! I swear, the years are going by faster and faster now that I'm a mom of three. I'm pretty sure this year is going to go by...

The Hills Are Burning

This past August, I experienced what had to have been one of the scariest things I've ever dealt with. Life started out as many of my Monday's do - getting the kids up and ready...
in the tick of motherhood

When You’re In The Thick Of It

Recently, I came across a meme of a lake with a person's arm rising from the water. They were giving a thumbs up. The wording at the top said something along the lines of, "When...