Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kristie moved to Corona six years ago after her husband accepted a position in a neighboring city. Since then, she’s been able to create quite an extraordinary life in this wonderful city she calls home. As a work-from-home mom of three littles (Mason 4, Kingston 3 and sweet baby Juliette 3 months), Kristie is one busy momma! Life is non-stop for this momma, but she wouldn't have it any other way. The UCLA graduate is a writer/journalist/social media and communications coordinator by trade, but a momma and wife 24/7. When she’s not working and has a much-needed break from her kids, she enjoys reading, writing, wine, fitness and living life to her fullest! You can catch up with her everyday life on IG @therealmommychronicles!
mother holding son outside for national sons day

To My Sons On National Sons Day

I never thought I'd be a boy mom. I was a girly girl and wanted a brood of girls just like mommy. Well, life had other plans and I ended up with two glorious...

How To Un-Spoil Your Child

Making your kids happy is what every parent wants. But then again, you don't want to raise an ungrateful adult who's unappreciative either. There's a a fine line when it comes to making your...

The Best Pediatric Dentists In The Inland Empire

"Where's the Best Pediatric Dentist in the Inland Empire" It's a question that all Inland Empire Moms have at one point or another. And it's a valid question because we always want the best for...
lonely woman sitting at table with food

I’m Living In A Mom Groundhog Day

Have you seen that movie "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray? It's a comedy classic, so if you haven't, make sure you check it out for some laughs. To sum up the movie, the main character...

Romantic Valentine’s Day At-Home Ideas

You can still celebrate Valentine's Day safely while at home and we've got some Romantic Valentine's Day At-Home Ideas for you and your partner! Even though COVID-19 has affected everything we do, it doesn't have...

Socially Distanced Galentine’s Day Ideas

Galentine's Day is just around the corner, ladies! And we've got some fun Galentine's Day ideas for you and your girl gang... For those not familiar with this pop culture term, "Galentine's Day" was actually...
charcuterie board with meats and cheeses

Join Us For Our Virtual Galentine’s Charcuterie Design Class!

Don't let the current pandemic/social distancing rules bring you down this Galentine's Day and join us for a fun Virtual Galentine's Charcuterie Design Class with Fig + Forage! Even though we can't meet in...
pregnant woman sitting on chair and on her computer on her lap

Why Should I Become A Surrogate With Extraordinary Conceptions?

Are you considering becoming a surrogate this year? There are numerous benefits to becoming a surrogate, which you can read about here! The most important thing to consider when becoming a surrogate is choosing the right...
toddler boy playing dinos on a small white table

5 Behavior Problems Parents Shouldn’t Ignore

Being a parent is anything but easy. Every kid is different and adjusting to each of your kids personalities can be a daunting task. Factor in how hard life can be and you might...
pregnant woman on the beach looking at stomach

Early Pregnancy During Surrogacy

  Karen Erikson is a mom and a former surrogate, who lives in the Inland Empire (Temecula/Murrieta area) and would like others to know what it’s like to become a surrogate. Even though 2020 is now...