Mikaila Zapata

Hi, I am Mikaila -  it’s nice to meet you! My background is I am an expert researcher, with a Master’s Degree in public health. I am a mom of 2 boys, a wife, and a dog mom to a doberman mix named Moose. I love to cook (and eat), create, explore, and learn new things. My love of research has lead me to this amazing path of blogging. I love writing about what I know and hoping that it helps makes someones life easier. You can follow my journey on my site here and on IG @Zapatasbees.
mom in kitchen with son on counter | healthy snacking during a pandemic

5 Tips For Healthy Snacking In A Pandemic

What I have heard from lots of friends and seen on social media is that the pandemic is making them eat more than they want to. Being at home and so close to our...
Toddler sitting on white bed | Tips For Moving Baby From The Crib To The Big Kid Bed

Tips For Moving Baby From The Crib To The Big Kid Bed

This is one of the big milestones parents face as their babies become toddlers. This change is usually either prompted by an escape artist or the arrival of a new baby. For me, it...
man hugging a girl tight outside || How to Stay Married During Quarantine

How to Stay Married During Quarantine

Are you starting to envision strangling your significant other after being cooped up together for so long? You are not alone! The ongoing joke is that after this pandemic, there will be a baby...
woman at kitchen island cooking | healthy habits to adopt me

5 Healthy Habits to Adopt While Under Quarantine

Quarantine sucks, am I right?! Well, habits take time and since that’s all we have right now let’s try to start some new healthy ones! 1. Make Your Bed Every Day It has been studied and...
green glasses with plants | tips on how to go green

5 Tips for Going Green

Have you thought about going green? How far are you willing to go? Going green is not only better for the environment, but also for your family. My initial reason for pursuing a more "greener"...
mom holding sleeping baby | why i don't co-sleep

Why I Don’t Co-Sleep: One Mom’s Personal Opinion On Why It Didn’t Work For...

Before I get started, I want to say one thing. This piece is by no means saying that moms who do co-sleep are wrong. This is just my personal opinion. First and foremost, I don’t...
tea, honey and lemon on counter | Natural cold remedies for moms and littles

Natural Cold & Flu Remedies For Moms And Littles

As a mom, I never want my kids to be sick. I hate seeing it, but I also hate dealing with it. So many boogers, am I right??!! The only silver lining to our...

Baby Shower Registry Advice

Preparing for a baby is a rite of passage that can be incredibly overwhelming. The market is saturated with about 10 different brands of the same product, all toting their own bells and whistles....

Preparing for Baby

A baby brings lots of joy, but the baby also brings lots of change. Emotional, physical and spatial changes are inevitable. Most changes happen in the moment as you will become the master at...
pregnant woman holding stomach in fall | how to choose an OBGYN

Tips For Choosing An OBGYN That You’re Comfortable With

Choosing a good OB is very important. This person sees you at your worst, brings your baby into the world and will become a very important person in your life. I stuck with my OBGYN...