Sarah Villanueva

Originally an Orange County native, Sarah attended and graduated from UCSD with a BA in Political Science. From there, she and her family moved to Corona where she earned her Paralegal Certification and started a career. Currently, Sarah is a stay-at-home mom to a wonderfully curious 1.5 year old who will stop to pick every flower. She and her husband are high school sweethearts and enjoyed many years before deciding to settle down. He puts up with her Halloween obsession and is rewarded with her other redeeming qualities - an affinity for late nights, projector movie screens inside the house, and brewery hopping.

Date Night Hot Spot: The Blinking Owl

First, I just want to say that this blog post is not sponsored. My opinion is honest and is entirely my own. Through the woods and over the hills, across the 91 freeway, nestled in the...

Low-Key Holiday Activity Ideas for the Pregnant and Tired

Are you heavily pregnant this holiday season? This post is for you! Are you not experiencing that second-trimester energy boost that was promised? This post is also for you! Are you having the worst first-trimester symptoms?...
morning sickness

What Helped Me Survive First Trimester Morning Sickness

Just as a recap, and if you haven't read my previous life post, I am pregnant with my second baby (yay!) and I am experiencing the worst morning sickness that has gone well into...
When That First Trimester Slump Doesn't Quit

When That First Trimester Slump Doesn’t Quit

My husband and I are having another baby! We are pretty excited to be adding a new little member to our family and for our daughter to have a sibling. My pregnancy with my daughter...
So Long Summer, I'm So Ready For Fall!

So Long Summer, I’m So Ready For Fall!

So long summer - I'm so ready for fall! I've been hearing a lot of negativity towards Fall and Halloween on the internet lately. It mostly comes from people who love summer, late nights, beach...

DAEK: Does Anybody Else’s Kid?

One of the joys of motherhood includes discovering all the weird things our kids do. They are experiencing the world and making sense of it. It’s brand new and that’s exciting to them (and us...
is facebook dying out

Is It Just Me Or Is Facebook Dying Out?

  Is Facebook dying out? Who decides when we are done with this site? Are there people even still using MySpace? Who has the answers? Generation Z, help us out here! I am so confused...

The First Day Of The Last Year Of My 20’s

Today I turned 29. This is it. It’s my last year as a twenty-something-year-old. Those songs about being young, wild, and free are no longer about me. Watch out world! I’m grown. Hah! While the passage...

Rescuing Our Dog: Peaches’ Story

We rescued our little girl from a local animal shelter, the Norco Animal Shelter specifically. My family had just moved to the Corona area and we were feeling incomplete in our new surroundings. She was...

My Toddler, The Night Owl

Did you know that babies and toddlers can be night owls too?  I was sleuthing through the internet the other day wondering what I am doing wrong that my toddler won't go to bed at...