Stephanie Eyerly

Hi! My name is Stephanie Eyerly and I am a stay at home mom with a 20 month old baby girl named Mia. She is my everything and I want to give her the world! I enjoy seeing my baby girl laugh and maintaining our home our happy place. Before becoming a mom, I worked as a Case Manager with troubled, delinquent, and disadvantaged children who were in the Foster Care and Probation system. I am aware of how unfair our world can be, so my plan is to protect and advocate for my baby girl as much as I can. I enjoy playing, watching TV, and cuddling up to read a book with her. Writing also plays a big part in my life as a creative outlet. Besides writing for the amazing Corona Moms Blog, I also write for my own blog called Sit. Stay. Mom. at Family is very important to us and quitting my job to stay at home with her was the best decision I've ever made! Oh, and I also have an amazing husband who works hard and loves us very much!

You Really Do Enjoy Disneyland More With A Toddler!

You really do enjoy Disneyland more with a toddler! I've had my share of Disneyland visits before I had any kids, and I remember enjoying them. However, I also remember always being in a...
I fear delivery more this time around

I Fear Delivery More This Time Around!

I fear delivery more this time around! On top of being pregnant, I have to care for my two-year-old, active toddler. She is very energetic and rarely gives me time to rest. As Laura Legge...

There Is No Right Way To Brush Toddler Teeth

There is no right way to brush toddler teeth...or is there?! How many of us moms have tried to brush our little one's teeth and had no success. The clenched jaw. The closed mouth. The pursed lips. The...

I Forgot How Nice It Is To NOT Think About Anything

I forgot how nice it is to not think about anything. I stared mindlessly at the hands of my manicurist as she lathered and massaged my hands and arms with lotion. I have not been able...

Yes, You Can Have Fun in Vegas with Your Toddler!

Yes, you can have fun in Vegas with your toddler! First family road trip since my daughter was born and it was to Las Vegas, Nevada. Who takes their toddler to Vegas, right? You're probably...