Eyelash Extensions Upped My Mom Game



The other day, I came across a story on Glamour about how lash extensions made the author a better mom. It really intrigued me given I had already set an appointment with a local lash girl just a few days before I came across the article.

To summarize, the piece went into detail about how the author (a first-time mom) felt consumed by the demands of motherhood and how these eye lash extensions were more than just something to enhance her beauty, but also her confidence as a mother. 

A day or two later, it was my turn to experience the magic of lash extensions.

Although the beauty trend is nothing new, I had been a bit hesitant given I’ve heard crazy stories about how they ruin your own lashes and was scared it would happen to mine.

The maintenance factor was also overwhelming given I was now a mom to three littles and was already limited on “me” time.

But after my youngest daughter turned one, things started getting easier and I’ve recently started to get back to being “me.” It was time to just go for it and I’m so glad I did! I made sure to do my research and ask friends and family about their care before deciding on getting them to be fully aware of the care and commitment needed to extend their wear.

Although I knew it would take some extra time to get used to and I’d have to be more conscious about washing my face or rubbing my eyes, it was totally worth it in the end. 


While it didn’t exactly make me a better mom, it did up my mom game in several ways.

Like the author, I did give my self-confidence a boost. Even in my messiest mom bun and most horrendous eye bags, I still looked put together after a long night. I didn’t look like an extra on “The Walking Dead” and felt good at the hot mess staring back at me in the mirror each morning.

Lash extensions also cut my getting ready time in half. I no longer needed to put on any eye makeup since my eyes already looked beautiful and bold. It made getting ready in a hurry so much faster! 

I’m barely two weeks into my eyelash extension adventure and I’m loving every moment!

I know I’ll have to go back to my lash girl every three weeks, which is how long can potentially last with optimal care (which I’m diligently doing), but I’m just going about it as part of my monthly mom self-care routine. I’d highly recommend trying out lash extensions at least once. It’s definitely a game-changer for moms and something you’ll soon become addicted to! 



eyelash extensions upped my mom game

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