Reasons To Attend Our Virtual Bloom 2020


We are two weeks out from our first-ever Virtual Bloom event sponsored by Corona Regional Medical Center (second annual really), and if you haven’t registered yet (you can do so here), here are some reasons to attend our virtual Bloom. But first, here’s a some backstory on Bloom. It’s our special City Mom Collective event for new and expecting moms (but really, it’s for All moms). It’s celebrating motherhood and connecting moms to local businesses and amazing brands. Usually, we have it in-person (read about last year’s event here), but because of the pandemic, we’ve had to adjust to the times and created an online event instead.

How Virtual Bloom 2020 Will Work

The event is FREE on our Facebook event page, but we encourage you to register for a ticket so that you stay in the know about all the deets!

So on Sunday, October 25th from 11am -2pm, we will be posting non-stop in our Facebook event page. This includes videos from our panelists, giveaway sponsors and swag bag sponsors. You’ll be able to engage with various brands and panelists as they provide useful and important info about motherhood, being a new mom, your birth experience and so much more.

To enter giveaways, you’ll be asked to go Like their IG or FB page and comment on the post. You’ll be able to enter all the giveaways, but you’ll only be able to win one (to make it fair to everyone). There will also be special giveaways for Swag Bag ticket holders, including Fawn Design credit, a high chair, car video monitor and so much more! Plus, the Swag Bag ticket holders will get a cute and functional “mom tote” that includes goodies worth more than $150! VIP Swag Bags are $25 (local pickup to be announced or shipping for an additional cost), while regular Swag Bags are $15 and have goodies worth more than $100 (they’re also eligible for Swag Bag giveaways). 

Okay, now that the logistics is done with, it’s time to go into the Reasons To Attend Our Virtual Bloom 2020:

The Giveaways

Have you seen our Giveaway sponsors list? It’s insanely good! We have some amazing brands to hear from and, trust us, you’ll want to tune in for your chance to win them! Some will offer online credit, while others you’ll have to do a local pickup (Corona area, but we can work something out if you live in the Inland Empire).

The Panelists & Sponsors

Knowledge is power and the more you know, the more you’re prepared as a mom. And this isn’t just for new moms either. Veteran moms can definitely benefit from learning something new to help them in their motherhood journey. The event is sponsored by Corona Regional Hospital and they’ve made it their priority to keep moms comfortable and safe while delivering during a pandemic. They’ll provide us with great info on what that entails and so much more! We also have a doula, lactation consultant, trainer, lawyer, insurance agent and many more. As for sponsors, we have some great companies that want to share their useful products with you!

You Get To Attend From Home

Don’t worry about having to find a babysitter, having to dress up and do your makeup or even drive anywhere because the virtual event will take place in the comfort of your home! You can easily carve out some mom time in your bedroom or simply participate as you do your mom duties (just have your phone, tablet or computer near by).

So what are you waiting for?!

Grab your Swag Bags (limited, of course) and get ready for Inland Empire Mom Collective’s virtual Bloom 2020! Read more about the event here!


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