15 Ways Families Can Help Save The Planet


Today is Earth Day! Every year on April 22, the planet celebrates Earth day, which sheds light on our need to rally together to save our planet from destruction, including pollution, species extinction, climate matters and other earth-related topics we are currently dealing with. The day was first celebrated in 1970 and continues to be celebrated each year as new concerns arise.

The great thing about Earth day is that anyone can join in on the celebrations – no matter how small or big. Although these are large problems that seem out of reach for individuals, the truth is, if we all due our part, we can save the planet. But it all starts with us and knowledge on how to do it.

Parents can easily incorporate conservation learning at home, and here are a few different ways your family can join in and help save the planet!

  1. Use reusable totes. Landfills are filled with plastic bags that don’t deteriorate and can harm wildlife, so to do your part, teach your kids to use reusable totes whenever you go to the store. Have them pick out their favorite bags so that they are excited about using them and are knowledgable as to why using reusable totes can help save Earth.
  2. Pick up trash. This is easy and is very important. Whenever you go on walks, bring a spare bag or two to pick up any waste on the side of the road or in the park. Teach them to practice good habits and always throw trash where it belongs.
  3. Use washable containers at home. The key is to reduce waste and one great way to do that is to use washable containers at home. These also work great for using in your kid’s lunch boxes.
  4. Always turn off the lights. It might seem like something so simple, but turning off the lights at home when not in use can have a big impact on energy use. Plus, it’ll keep your electric bill low!
  5. Be mindful of water waste. Turn off what when you’re not using it, even when you’re brushing your teeth. Take short showers and don’t waste water.
  6. Use refillable water bottles. Decrease how much plastic clogs our landfills and oceans by using refillable water bottles for the entire family.
  7. Stop using paper towels for cleaning. Instead, cut up old T-shirts or bath towels to use for cleaning and chores.
  8. Purchase rechargeable batteries. These last longer and don’t clog up landfills with harsh chemicals that leak from the batteries. If you do purchase regular ones, make sure that you throw them out properly.
  9. Purchase sustainable goods. It’s good to be conscious about the type of products you buy. Make sure what you’re buying has a minimal effect on the Earth to be a good global citizen.
  10. Check your tire’s car pressure often. This might sound like something that doesn’t really make an impact on the planet, but having the correct amount of tire pressure will increase your car’s gas mileage by 3%, meaning less gas is needed.
  11. Use your dishwasher more. Moms everywhere are already doing this, but everyone needs to join in! This helps with water use so that you don’t use more than you should.
  12. Don’t buy products with palm oil. Rainforests all across the planet are being destroyed in order to make palm oil, which is found in a lot of things – from shampoo to chocolate and more. Be a conscious consumer and don’t support companies that use palm oil in their goods.
  13. Cut up plastic six-pack rings before you throw them out. This is actually still a huge problem and can really harm wildlife. Do your part and simply slit them before you throw them in the garbage.
  14. Educating your family on the advantages of going green. Create future conservationists by helping your kids understand why going green and becoming a green family is so important. Take the time to make everything you do an opportunity for learning about why we need to save our planet.
  15. Throw out plastic straws. Instead, switch to silicone, paper or metal straws and ask your local businesses to do the same.

Don’t think that your conservation efforts won’t make a difference. Imagine if we all did this, what a huge impact this would have on Earth! That’s why it’s vital as parents to set great examples for your kids so that they inherit an Earth worth preserving when they kid older. Always teach your kids to be kind to all living things on earth and to be conscious about their actions everyday and how it impacts Mother Earth.

Photo by sheri silver on Unsplash
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