Baby’s First Birthday Party


My daughter turned 1 year old last January. I wasn’t a blogger back then so I am sharing now. In honor of my daughter’s birthday month let’s look back at her first birthday party.

You are retroactively invited!

My daughter’s first birthday invite

Our theme was “Twinkle, twinkle little star 1 year old is what you are!” sprinkled with some unicorn elements because why not.

Go big!

Some people are into party themes and some are not. I like themes because they are a good starting off point for decorating. Of course, you cannot go wrong with a simple “Happy Birthday” theme. We had balloon columns, streamers, and we brought our daughter’s ball pit into the living room for her cousins to enjoy. 

The balloon columns and lawn games were set up in the backyard. Please note the streamer detail on the posts to the right. I alternated colors and it only took me half a day! Just kidding, it was quicker than that but I probably could’ve just passed on the hassle.

This is another bit of streamer detail that I was inspired to do from my mom group. I just loved how it came out and this truly did take a half a day not too mention the constant fixing that was required to maintain its beauty.  

This was one of my favorite pieces that saved the “twinkle, twinkle little star” theme. If it wasn’t for all the stars around the house, the party would have been a pastel unicorn explosion – oops but still cute!

As predicted my daughter had no idea what was going on.

Nonetheless, she was pretty darn cute in her unicorn headband and tutu. We provided libations for our adult relatives because at the time there were only 4 children in our families combined so it was virtually an all-adult affair. We also grilled some burgers and hot dogs to keep it simple. Dessert was vanilla and chocolate cupcakes for our guests. Our birthday girl had her own mini cake which she promptly lost interest in after tasting. 

All in all, it was a very special day for us as first-time parents and I am very much looking forward to the big DOS! We are planning a “Taco Two-sday” fiesta theme. As such, this post is to be continued…