Celebrating Easter: Quarantine Edition


Easter feels so different this year. Instead of church services, brunches at our favorite restaurants or egg hunts with family and friends, we are all going to have spend Easter at home with our immediate family due to the #stayathomeorders the country is facing because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But don’t get down and heavy about changing up your Easter Traditions for this year and instead plan some new activities in the comforts (and safety) of your home!

There’s so much more to Easter for Christians than just egg hunts, baskets, bunnies and candy. The faith-based holiday is a special day where Christians remember Jesus Christ and that he rose from the dead after sacrificing his life on the cross for the world’s sins. Easter is the day he victoriously defeated death and we all celebrate his miraculous resurrection.

While many would have normally celebrated the morning with a special Easter service, this year, churches are closed due to the stay home mandate across the nation. However, you can still worship and celebrate the true meaning of Easter with online worship services. The following churches are just a few in the area that are offering online streaming services”

Here are some FREE Easter Biblical printables for the kids!

While your egg hunt won’t be huge as the one in your neighborhood would have been, you can still have a small egg hunt for your kiddos at home (whether you have a backyard or not). Just grab your old eggs from yesteryears (for seasoned parents) or do a quick run to the Dollar or 99cents store to get some cheap eggs. Don’t forget the candy or money to fill them with.

Hide them in the front and/or back yard, or even inside your home if the weather doesn’t permit an outside hunt (or you live in an apartment). Get creative and have special tiers of eggs (or one golden one as the main prize). You can also send your kids on a special egg treasure hunt, placing clues in the eggs for the kids to find some goodies at the end!

Don’t forget our Neighborhood Egg Hunt, where you print out the egg printables, place them somewhere they can be seen from the street and take a walk to find them all!

Bummed the kids missed out on Easter Pictures this year? Don’t fret because you can still add them to your memory book, with the help of editing tools and PictureMeBunny.com! They’ll Photoshop your photo with their bunny and send you digital files so you don’t miss out on that yearly tradition.

You can also take your own pictures to commemorate your unique Easter in quarantine at home. Grab any and all Easter decorations you have (or can find) and decorate your home to serve as the perfect backdrop, inside and out.

If you’re taking photos outside, look for an area with open shade. This is where you’ll want to take cute pics of your kids in their Easter outfits and is essentially just shade that’s being cast off by a tree or some structure in your yard. Always take pics with the sun behind the subject so that they aren’t squinting as you take the perfect shot.

For pictures inside, open all the windows and blinds so that natural light shines through. Have the subjects face the source of natural light for some amazing shots!

You can create the special Easter Crafts before the big day or designate some time on Easter Sunday to keep your kids occupied. Some fun Easter crafts include:

Cook a glorious Easter meal at home with these delicious recipes!

Of course, you can also do delivery or take-out for Easter given many local and chain restaurants will be open that day!

Even though we’re all still getting used to the new normal of being home 24/7, we can still celebrate the wonderful holiday that is Easter with our immediate family at home. Remember that you can easily get in some face time with family and friends via Zoom conferences and social media to make it feel a little  bit more like a normal holiday before this pandemic shook the entire globe.

Let’s also remember to be thankful that we home with family and creating new Easter memories. Don’t worry, next Easter will be back to normal!