Having A Daughter Isn’t What I Expected


Finding out I was pregnant for the third time was exciting and scary at the same time. Exciting because I had always wanted at least three kids and scared because I know this was the last chance to be able to get my girl.

I was a #boymom before then and had always dreamed of having a little girl. Baby girl thoughts filled my mind as I hoped to speak my wants into existence. For the first 12 weeks, I did every old wives tale thing to try and confirm it was a girl and prayed every night that it was. When I went for an early sonogram, I ugly cried when I found out it was a girl. I had finally gotten my wish. Pink, bows and tutu dresses were in my future.

I spent a small fortune on bows, clothes, shoes and everything girly. And for the first year of her life, she was my living doll. But after she turned one, she no longer liked the bows or let me dress her in tutus and frilly dresses. She’s scream whenever I’d try and put them on. Although she liked dolls, she liked playing with her older brothers toys more and was learning all the gross boy things as she copied my sons with burbs, farts and other boy-isms. Where had my living doll gone?

I always thought little girls were easier than boys, having heard from certain friends that their daughters would quietly  play on their own and weren’t as crazy as boys. My daughter was the opposite of that and she’s still most likely my hardest kid. She’s barely now more interested in her dolls and bows, but still likes to run wild with her brothers. I’ve accepted that my daughter isn’t going to be the kind of girl I thought I’d have and admire her wild spirit (although I have my hands full). She’s going to grow up with fire in her soul, and I know she’s going to hold her on when the time comes. While she might still not like frilly dresses or tutus and hates taking “cute” pictures, I’m still crossing my fingers she grows out of that later on. Having a daughter is a huge blessing and I’m so happy to have her complete our family!

Happy Daughter’s Day! (Sept. 25th)

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Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kristie moved to Corona six years ago after her husband accepted a position in a neighboring city. Since then, she’s been able to create quite an extraordinary life in this wonderful city she calls home. As a work-from-home mom of three littles (Mason 4, Kingston 3 and sweet baby Juliette 3 months), Kristie is one busy momma! Life is non-stop for this momma, but she wouldn't have it any other way. The UCLA graduate is a writer/journalist/social media and communications coordinator by trade, but a momma and wife 24/7. When she’s not working and has a much-needed break from her kids, she enjoys reading, writing, wine, fitness and living life to her fullest! You can catch up with her everyday life on IG @therealmommychronicles!