Just Buy The Character Clothes, Mama


Frozen, Super Mario Bros., Jurassic Park, Paw Patrol, Disney and friends, etc… I’m all for them (now). Back when I was a non-tired “hypothetical mom,” I was against character clothes for kids. In my mind, I always thought my future children would be little social medial models, wearing the coolest threads around.

boy with jurassic park shoes

Fast forward seven years into my parenting journey and I’m like who cares; just let them flaunt their favorite characters on their tees, shoes and whatever else they want to wear. You see, I’ve come to the conclusion that kids are just that… kids. And we need to let them be kids. I’m sure you rocked a My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite or Barbie outfit once or twice in your young life, so why not do the same for your kids. If it makes them happy and want to actually put on clothes without a fight, then why the hell not!

These days, we’re too concerned at making our kids look color coordinated in muted outfits that are boring, but fit our “IG feed” theme and mood. Then there’s the whole “make them look like little models” fad, where kids are being dressed in mini-me Forever 21 items to match their parents or look as if they came out of a clothing catalog.

Guess what? Kids are just kids and they want to have fun 24/7, and part of that fun is dressing in character clothing.

What happens when you clothe them in too-cute-for-them clothes is that you’re always yelling at them to not get dirty or mess up their outfit. I know I do this when I dress my kids in clothes that IG worthy all the time. Then when they do get dirty, I’m over there with my baby wipes and Tide stick trying to get out the chocolate stain or ketchup that dropped from their McDonalds kids meal hamburger out before it sets in. I’m over here stressed that they’ll ruin their clothes (that probably cost more than what I’m wearing) while they’re not having any fun worrying about getting yelled at for just wanting to play.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to dress your littles in the cutest clothes around and I am guilty of doing it myself. But don’t forget that your kids are just kids and want to wear the cheesy Paw Patrol tees or the ugly Peppa Pig shoes that light up. It’s what makes them happy and wearing clothes with their favorite characters is another extension of their happiness (and current personality).

Just the other day, while shoe shopping for my oldest, my middle son came across what has to be the ugliest  shoes on the planet. They were brown, black and white Jurassic Park sneakers  (just in case you want them for you kid, too)that looked more like orthopedic shoes that light up. They wouldn’t match anything, but yet his eyes lit up when he saw them. My husband’s first reaction was a no, but I caved. As my son tried to stick his foot in the first size he could find (two sizes smaller than his), I secretly prayed they didn’t have his actual size in an attempt to dissuade him from wanting them.

jurassic park toddler shoes

In that moment, I could have lied to him about having his size or simply give in to the character shoes. I knew that if I lied, I’d crush his spirit and gave into the hideous shoes.

It was love at first sight for him, and the moment he tried them on, he wanted them and nothing else. He wouldn’t even let me put them back in the box and let me pay for them because he insisted he wear them out of the store. Ever since then, they’ve been his favorite shoes and he wears them with everything! Of course, I let him despite cringing at the mismatch outfits. But that extra pep in his step makes him happy and that in turn makes me happy. I even bought my daughter some light-up Frozen shoes because she wouldn’t let them out of her grasp the entire time we were at the store.

He’s a kid and kids naturally like character clothing. It may go against your personal preferences, clash with your clothing aesthetics, or be too bright for your favored muted tones, but your child will flaunt those lame shoes or tees like no one’s business! So the next time your kid begs you for ugliest character clothes you’ve ever seen, remember that it’s their childhood, not yours, and they just wanna have some fun. Give in, buy it for them and let them be little happy mis-matched kids!

What character clothes are your kid(s) into right now?

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