Sometimes I Really Miss My Husband


Photo by Matthew Fassnacht on Unsplash

It’s true, sometimes I really do miss my husband.

To start off, please do not worry. He is physically safe and sound. He just works a lot of mandatory overtime, has lots of responsibilities, and until recently he had the absolute worst work schedule. 

As parents it is often difficult to find time for ourselves. We are lucky to even go to the bathroom on our own. Just this week our daughter has learned how to turn door handles – simply fantastic! But what’s more difficult is finding time together. 

My husband and I have been blessed with family that enable us to go on date nights. Last April we were even able to take an extended weekend trip for our anniversary. We had a great time unwinding. It was our first kid-free trip and rejuvenating to our relationship. It reminded me that sometimes I really miss my husband as an individual, not just the amazing dad he has become. 

But then sometimes, our time together is conflicted. Half of the time we are reconnecting as a couple and enjoying each other. The other half we are sorely missing our daughter. We will find ourselves talking endlessly about her and even share pictures we’ve taken of her.

Despite the yearning to get back to our adorable spawn, we recognize that it is important to our relationship to make time for each other. It really helps get us on the same page about our family. We discuss issues and talk about the future. More importantly, making time for us as a couple helps us remember why we love each other so much. We chose each other forever. Forever is a long time and we are bound to grow and change. As such, we make it a priority to grow and change together. 

Of course, we aren’t attached to the hip. For instance, right now he’s playing Madden and I’m writing this blog post. I have no interest in video game Football and he would really rather not sit with me silently as I write this. But after a long day of parenting and “adulting”, we always try to reconnect in little ways. Tonight, we plan to watch a movie and snuggle each other… Okay, well, I plan to snuggle and he plans to put on Ant-Man. Bedtime for the little one cannot come soon enough!

How do you reconnect with your significant other?