Reconnect With Your Partner With These Date Night Ideas


One of the hardest things about being a parent is trying to get in date nights with your spouse or partner. Between finding the time to go on a date, scheduling a sitter and figuring out what to do or go, date nights can be tough to navigate (especially when you younger children at home). But date nights are vital to a healthy relationship with your significant other and can help rekindle that spark. Taking the time to do something for just you two is also good for the mom soul, allowing you a small break from the chaos of motherhood so that you can go out and just have fun and let loose a bit. We’ve gathered some date night ideas, so that you and your partner can get away every once in a while and remember what it was like before you had kids.

Schedule Your Dates Months In Advance

To ensure that you make date night a habit, schedule them months in advance. You can schedule them out monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or even yearly if you’re really ambitious. This way, date night is always on the calendar and you won’t forget it or try to skip one. Once it’s on the calendar, make it a point to see it through just as you would any other scheduled event. You can also pick the same date each month, or the same weekend, so that it’s something both you and your spouse look forward to (plus, you’ll be able to give the schedule to your reliable sitter to make sure they’re available).

Dates During Drop-Off Events

The next time your littles have a friend’s party to get dropped off at, take advantage and schedule a date by exploring nearby restaurants, shops or other things to do. It’s the perfect time to spend some time with each other with each other without having to really hire a babysitter.

Have A Date Night Jar

If you’re always at odds as to what to do for date night with your partner, then a Date Night jar will help out in that department. To create one, you simply have to write down all sorts of different date night ideas and options and then keep them in a jar, cup, vase or anywhere else. Then on date night, you just pull one out and then go out and have a blast!

Meet In The Car

When the sitter cancels or can’t do a particular date, don’t fret and instead make date night happen! There are a number things to do, including putting the kids to bed early to spend some much needed time with your spouse. But for times when you just want to get out of the house, but can’t, you can get creative by meeting in the car. If your car has screens then once the kids are asleep, make some popcorn or snacks, pick your favorite movie and then grab a blanket for a movie date night in the car with just you two!

Have A Day Date

If you can’t schedule something at night, take advantage of the kids being in school or at daycare by planning a day date. Meet for lunch or get off early from work to meet up with your partner before it’s time to get the kids.

Whatever you plan for date night, just make sure that it happens. Date nights are important for parents since they help you re-connect and nurture your relationship.

What’s your favorite thing to do for date night?

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