There’s no denying that undergoing fertility treatments can be very emotional and stressful. It doesn’t matter if you’re undergoing fertility treatments for yourself or as a surrogate, the experience can oftentimes be overwhelming – both before implantation and after. Feelings of negativity is normal, but they can also be very consuming and challenging to work through.

But the key to dealing with the emotional stressors brought on by the What Ifs of fertility treatments is to stay positive and hopeful. Although it’s easier said than done, here ae some tips on staying hopeful during fertility treatments:

Just Be Kind To Yourself

Fertility treatments can take a toll on you mentally and physically. It challenges your everyday of the fertility journey and spiraling into negative thoughts is just easier than trying to work and be positive and hopeful. To help combat this natural feeling of going to the dark side of things, always remember that any trouble you’re currently facing is NOT your fault. You’re not the one to blame for anything and this is just a temporary situation for the time being. Know that you are doing everything you can for it to work, no matter what. Speak to your inner self as if you were talking to a friend, encouraging and uplifting yourself when negative thoughts start to take over.

Learn Best Practices On How To Deal With Negativity And Stress

It’s perfectly normal to experience stress, anxiety, helplessness and sadness when undergoing fertility treatments. While you don’t want to get stuck in these emotions, you don’t want to suppress them either. But realizing how to best deal with these complex emotions can make all the difference in staying hopeful. Doing things like getting out in nature, reading a book or even cooking when you start to feel these emotions can help you find hope in the unknown.

Keep Living Life

Remember that you’re not defined by your fertility treatments or struggles and that you’ve still got a life to live. Going on with life and your daily duties will help keep your mind off treatments, allowing you to clear your head and better process these complex emotions. Also try to remember that you need time away from your treatments so go out and do something fun at least once a week to get your mind off things. You’ll come back to the situation feeling refreshed and more hopeful.

Have A Support System In Place

A support system is recommended when undergoing fertility treatments, so make sure you surround yourself with people you can talk to. This includes family and friends as well as professionals. Don’t let your emotions stay bottled up inside or else it’ll lead to only more stress and negativity. Seek out people who will sit back and listen to you.

Staying hopeful during fertility treatments might be hard when all you can think of is everything that could go wrong, but it’s the best way to help ease the stresses of this journey. It’s an emotionally and physically taxing time, but remembering these tips can greatly help when you need to keep your spirits positive.

Center for Fertility Support can provide you with extra emotional support during your fertility treatments and beyond. Their mission at CFS is not only to provide unwavering support, but to walk the path alongside you that will lead you to fulfilling your dreams of a family, or expanding the one you have.  This process takes courage and strength, and they hope you find a comforting and hopeful space at their Center.

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