Taco Two-sday: A Fiesta Themed 2nd Birthday


My daughter turned 2 in late January. She is TWO YEARS OLD. This thought continues to blow my mind. 

For her first birthday, I went all out. We invited both sides of our entire families and decorated inside and outside of our home. While it was a lot of fun, I was searching for something more low-key this year since we wanted to funnel our money into a fun birthday activity. That is where the idea for “Taco Two-sday” was born.

While I called it “Taco Two-sday”, we actually held it on a Sunday because of my husband’s work schedule. In addition, we limited the guest list to grandparents and mine and my husband’s siblings. We have one each plus their spouses. For food, we did tacos and chips and salsa. That’s it! As for the decorations, my husband thinks I went overboard. He’s probably right. But my daughter woke up to them entirely up and exclaimed “woooooaaaaaahhh!” For that reaction alone it was completely worth it, but you can be the judge. 

Taco Two-sday Themed!

The decorations mainly consisted of two materials – paper and pictures. I bought a packet of colorful paper from Hobby Lobby and made the most fantastic Papel Picado with my Cricut. It took quite a while to complete such an arduous task, but it was my daughter’s favorite part. Also, I just want to add that I am 5 foot 1 inch and I strung all of that up by MYSELF. This mama was determined. 

Papel Picado

Next, my amazing brother and sister-in-law helped me construct the best feature wall. This giant “2” and hearts quite possibly stole the show from my colorful paper project. It was made up of the many pictures of my beautiful toddler spanning from last January to present. She had an amazing 2nd year of life and grew so much!

A picture perfect feature wall.

When I was at the market, I picked up some Jarritos for another colorful element. It was last minute but tickled all the adults present. We even ended up cracking open a few to test them out. Grapefruit soda anyone? 

Jarritos fun!

Last but not least, and the most exciting part, my daughter’s birthday cake was a taco cake! Yes, you read that correctly. I ordered this glorious creation from the bakery department at my local Stater Bros, the brand new one located at Norco Village. The best part is that this sweet thing cost me less than $10. Amazing! Oh, and it tasted delicious too. 

The birthday girl and her taco cake.

And that’s a wrap on our little fiesta themed birthday party. It was small and sweet, just like our birthday girl. 

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Originally an Orange County native, Sarah attended and graduated from UCSD with a BA in Political Science. From there, she and her family moved to Corona where she earned her Paralegal Certification and started a career. Currently, Sarah is a stay-at-home mom to a wonderfully curious 1.5 year old who will stop to pick every flower. She and her husband are high school sweethearts and enjoyed many years before deciding to settle down. He puts up with her Halloween obsession and is rewarded with her other redeeming qualities - an affinity for late nights, projector movie screens inside the house, and brewery hopping.