Resources For The Accidental Homeschooling Mom


With school closures happening all around the nation because of the COVID-19 pandemic, moms everywhere are scrambling to figure out what to do with their children for the next few weeks. While the homeschooling community is like “we got this,” other moms (myself included) are like “WTF do we do now?” To help you keep a semi-normal schedule, here are some resources that’ll help parents continue their child’s education during their school hiatus (or some things to do in between extra screen and iPad time).

Free Resources From Education Companies

It’s amazing how the world can rally together during such difficult times. To offset the extra “vacation” from school, so many education companies are providing free resources to occupy at least some of your day. Depending on your child’s age and grade level, you’ll be able to find some interesting things to do on this very comprehensive list! Here’s another great list with some more options! We suggest taking the time to go over it and then bookmarking the ones that make sense for your child for easy access. Also, try making a schedule or timeframe using these free resources so that you stay committed to your children’s learning during these uncertain times.

3-Weeks of STEM Maker Stations

Not sure what to do when it comes to teaching STEM? Well here are some great ideas that should last you about three weeks (depending on how fast your child devours each activity). This link has printouts and instructions so that you can explain the activity to your child.

Lil Libros Worksheets

I adore Lil Libros books and have many of them for my children. The delighted children’s book company is now doing their part by offering free daily activity worksheets straight to your inbox once you sign up for their newsletter!

Disney’s x Khan Academy’s Imagineering In A Box

This is a super cool resource that allows your kids to dream, build and create!

Name Tracing Printables

If you have preschoolers, here’s a handy site to create traceable print outs of their name for extra practice.

Educational Netflix Shows

Thank God for Netflix…right?! If you’re about to lose it and need something to just distract your kids, but still want them to watch something educational, here’s a list of Netflix shows that will also teach them something.

Workbooks for Kids

Here are a few workbook options to print out and let your kids work on while you try to stay sane and keep a clean home.

Have a Virtual Museum Tour

You can visit some of the world’s best museums without ever leaving your home and here’s a list that offers virtual tours.

Take a Virtual Field Trip

Head to the farm, zoo and so many places using this cool and fun virtual field trip guide!

PBS Kids

Man, I can’t say enough about PBS Kids! As a parent, it’s a resource that should always be used. Not only do they produce some of the best kids content today, but they’ve also launched a weekday newsletter that shares activities and tips on how to keep your child learning and playing. Sign up here for this awesome resource! Once at the signup page, you’ll see other free resources like their video app, kids game app with more than 200 educational games and more!

Scholastic At Home

Use some of the learning resources teachers use in the classroom thanks to Scholastic!

Math Drills

Math isn’t my strong subject and so I’ll take any help when it comes to teaching it. I’m sure a lot of parents are on the same boat, so here’s a helpful resource. Here are some more free printables (until March 31st) for parents of kids in K-2.


The great thing about homeschooling is that you can make learning fun, using games to teach various subjects. Learn more about how to do it here.

Hang with Dr. Seuss

Read, play games and chill with the rhyming legend here!

Animals & Geography

National Geo has you covered!

Read with Celebs

Celebs are always about doing good (well, most are) and here they read some fave kids books.

Learn & Cook

These illustrated recipes are designed to help kids ages 2-12 cook and learn math, science and literacy skills.

Explore Art

Help your kids learn about art and more with this site.

Learn Coding

Have your kids (ages 4-10) learn to code with this cool site.

Cool Facts

Gain access to videos, quizzes, pics, infographics and more as they learn cool facts in various subjects.

Printables Galore

Here’s 300,000+ free printable worksheets that span toddlers all the way to teens. Here’s one great for children 0-6!

Bible Study

If you’re missing church, continue their religious education with this site.

Visit the Zoo

The San Diego Zoo has you covered when you can’t physically be there to visit the animals.

Writing Help

If you have elementary-aged kids, here are some fun journal prompts so that you can inspire creativity and keep them writing during the break.

Resources for Younger Students

For those with Kinder, first graders and second graders, here’s a fun roundup of of literacy game printables.

At-Home Science

Engage your child’s curiosity and teach them about science with some fun mini lessons that all include an activity (don’t worry, they’re easy and use things you probably already have at home).

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Okay, this was a fave of ours when we were younger and your kids can now be on the hunt for the mysterious lady in the trench coat via this site.

Fluency & Fitness

Combine the two with a fun program that’s free for the next few weeks. Kids get to learn while burning off that extra energy!

Toilet Paper Roll Art

Because all of your hoarders with more-than-you need toilet paper will obviously be going through toilet paper as if your household was a small town, here’s some ideas on what to do with all those empty rolls with your kids.

Teens & Adult Learning

If you have teens at home and they’re already done with their sanctioned online work from their teacher, but you still want to keep them busy, they can take a few Ivy league courses online for free! Even adults looking to learn something new right now can enjoy these free classes. Here’s a site devoted to online history classes for preteens all the way to adults. Never stop learning with this great site, too!

College Test Prep

Have your teen study for their big test (thin SAT, ACT, etc.) with this site! AP students can catch up via this site.

Kinder Korner

Have a little one in Kinder (or even TK)? Here’s a handy handout on home lesson plans that will keep your little one occupied for four weeks!

Apps for Special Needs Students

For parents with special needs children, who need a different approach to learning, check out this list with more than 30 iPad apps that will keep them busy for weeks at a time.

Fun Printables

Love The Day is opening up her printable library for free for the next month so that parents can print out fun games and more!

Screen-Free Fun

I’m not gonna lie – my kids will probably have extra screen time, game time and TV time during this whole ideal (hello sanity). But, like all parents, I’m going to try and offset that extra time with some other activities (besides all this learning stuff) so that they also have fun. Here’s some excellent ideas to keep them entertained and busy!

Cosmic Kids Yoga

If you need to de-stress and do some at-home yoga, give your kids the chance to try it with a free YouTube channel, Cosmic Kids Yoga.

Fluffy Slime

Have you tried making slime yet? Skip the slime kits and make some fluffy slime by following the directions here!

There are tons of resources out there, so if you have one and want to share, drop a comment below so that other parents can check it out!