TNO…Toddler’s Night Out


Remember the nights hanging out with your girlfriends late at night, going dancing, then eating those pancakes and eggs at a diner late into the night? You can still totally do that as a parent, but it just takes a little more coordination and planning. One of my biggest pet peeves was people telling me that once I had kids, my social life would end forever. That I would no longer be able to do the things I loved and that traveling was definitely out of the question. I was set on making sure that was not me.

Fast forward to two pregnancies later and having two little ones under two, life sure is really different nowadays. I am so utterly happy, but also utterly exhausted most days. The first couple months with new baby were clearly all about feedings, diaper changes and they still continue to be, but now that I have been feeling myself more, I was now feeling guilty that our 22-month old wasn’t getting much time with me or my husband. This is a vital stage for our son to feel empowered, learning at every opportunity and wanting to master everything around him.

We knew we had to make a deliberate effort to spend quality time with our first born. I realized that making this happen takes effort on all our parts. But whether you’re able to sneak out a few hours (or less) with your little one, it’s all worth it. Here are some ideas to create a special toddler date with your growing little one:

Our little enjoying his first of many Toddler Night Outs with us. It was his first WWE event.

Individual Playtime

Once itty baby falls asleep, spend dedicated time with your toddler, reading or playing somewhere else in your home where the baby can’t hear you.

Park Outings

If you have a park walking distance, take advantage and go for a walk. There are plenty of wonderful parks around city. There is one opening up soon at Lincoln Park. The new park slated to open this spring will be the first in the city to be inclusive to all children of all abilities and ages. Here is a list of all the local Corona Parks.

Indoor Playgrounds

There are several indoor playgrounds, but most of them provide a variety of activities and are safe for children to do tons of activities. We’ve been to:

Special Excursions

This can definitely be a variety of things – anything from kid friendly movie theaters to children’s museums.

But whatever you do – big or small – take it all in because our littles won’t be little for long! What are some favorite things you like to do with your toddler?


  1. Love these suggestions. Being a mom of a toddler and a high schooler, I can adapt these suggestions for each age group!

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