The Envelope Hack To Saving Money In 2021


I’m horrible at saving. It’s something I really want to do better at in 2021. I want to be able to have funds to go on family vacations, do extra renovations around the house and not be so stressed come Christmas, when my gift list starts to get too long.

I recently came across this cool hack that’s really worth sharing. It’s called the “Envelope Money Saving Hack” that a TikTok user (Krista Zahron) actually brought to my attention. You just need 100 envelopes, a box to hold all the envelopes and a few stickers. You then write down a dollar amount on all the envelopes, going from $1 all the way to $100. You then place all the envelopes upright in your box (that you can get at TJ Maxx or Amazon) and create a list that tracks Week 1 through Week 50. The list is to check off the envelopes that have already been picked and put away.

How To Do It

So here’s how it works: you simply choose two random envelopes each week and then put in the amount of cash that’s featured on the outside of the envelope. Once you’ve chosen the two envelopes, you then go back to your list and check off the correlating week. After all 50 weeks are done, you’ll have 100 envelopes that are filled with a total of $5,050!

To make sure that you don’t cheat before the year is done, close the envelope shut with stickers and hide the box somewhere safe. And if you can’t do that much money for 50 weeks, you can still use the same money saving hack by doing it over 25 weeks instead. So you’ll simply mark each envelope in order from $1 all the way to $50. So after six months, you’ll have saved a total of $1,275, which is perfect for Christmas shopping!

Make Necessary Adjustments To Fit Your Finances

It’s a pretty simple way to save money throughout the year and all it takes is a few budget adjustments to be able to deposit the cash. You can always tweak this hack so that you’re setting aside a fixed amount every week ($10 to $25 even), so that you end the year with a nice load of cash for a big event! Want more money saving advice? Here are some options:

What other money saving hacks would you recommend?!

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