Date Night Hot Spot: The Blinking Owl


First, I just want to say that this blog post is not sponsored. My opinion is honest and is entirely my own.


Through the woods and over the hills, across the 91 freeway, nestled in the city of Santa Ana is a delicious distillery called Blinking Owl. I absolutely mean it when I use the term “delicious” to describe the hard liquor at this place. They make their own vodka, gin, bourbon, whiskey, and a Scandinavian spirit called aquavit. They do tastings and tours; both of which I have experienced and highly recommend. This hot spot makes for a fun evening with your friends or neat date night with your significant other.

My husband and I have sampled every single one of their spirits and have purchased a bottle of our favorites to take home. To start off, their vodka will absolutely surprise you. I had never considered myself a vodka drinker because I never had one this good. This vodka has a natural sweetness to it and it does not burn going down. They even make an orange-flavored vodka using locally sourced oranges! But nothing beats trying one of these spirits in a fancy cocktail. Just take a look at these beautifully crafted cocktails below.

first round
third round two
third round
second round

I wish I had more pictures of cocktails to show you, but alas, I can only consume so much alcohol in one evening. Take my word for it when I say that these drinks taste better than they look. Furthermore, the absolute best part of enjoying the drinks here is that you will most likely not have a hangover. I am not kidding. Drinking this many cocktails at a typical bar will usually leave my poor head slightly regretful. The liquor at Blinking Owl is so clean. They do a great job removing impurities from their alcohol, and the bartenders take great care in crafting drinks that are tasty, but are made with minimal sweeteners that usually cause a hangover.

Here are a few good tips to know if you decide to visit:

  • You must book a private event in order to drink more than 1.5oz of liquor (this is equivalent to a tasting or 1 cocktail). There’s this “State Alcohol Beverage Control” organization that sets these restrictions on distilleries that choose to serve on premises. Just email Blinking Owl 24 hours in advance with your party details, so they can accommodate your fun evening better.
  • If you choose not to book a private event in advance, just swing by and enjoy a single cocktail. Sometimes all you need is a simple pick-me-up anyway.
  • Their menu is constantly changing. Do not be surprised if they do not serve the above pictured cocktails anymore when you visit. That’s okay because they probably have something better!
  • They do not serve food. Be sure to plan your meals accordingly, but the area has a lot of options to offer.

I hope you visit and have a great time. My husband and I already can’t wait to book our next date night there. We just wish they were closer to Corona.

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