5 Tips For Healthy Snacking In A Pandemic


What I have heard from lots of friends and seen on social media is that the pandemic is making them eat more than they want to. Being at home and so close to our pantry definitely has a way of sneaking up on us! So, what do we do to fix this conundrum? Here are some 5 ways to practice healthy snacking and minimize weight gain.

1. Drink water. Every time you find yourself craving soda, chips, cookies, or any other treat, drink a big glass of water. Sometimes our sweet tooth cravings are actually driven by dehydration. Also, having a full belly will help minimize cravings.

2. Read labels. The most deceiving thing about labels is the serving size. A “healthy” snack may only be healthy if you eat a quarter of the package. A good example of this is the Naked juices everyone loves. The label says 20g of sugar/serving, which is fine, except some of the bottles are 2-2.5 servings. All of a sudden that 20g has become 40-50 grams, which is a lot.

3. Don’t buy junk. The easiest way to avoid junk snacking is by not having it in the house. I know that if I buy a container of Oreos, it will probably be gone in a couple of days. To avoid this, I just don’t buy Oreos. Sometimes sweet tooth cravings can be a very powerful thing; I get it. In my house, since I don’t buy the sweets, my only option is to make them. Well, with everything I have to do in a day, I have to really want some cookies to go to the trouble of making them. Requiring that effort is a great way to keep those cravings at bay. Also, preparing food at home is a great way to avoid processed food.

4. Meal prep. Don’t just bring home fresh fruit and veggies and let them go bad in your fridge because chopping them up is too much work. Pick out a day and spend some time slicing and dicing your food, so when you want a snack, it is easy just to go and grab it.

5. Track your food. I recently finished the Keto diet to lose my baby weight, and it really shed some light on how many calories I was eating in a day. I have always been young and active, so eating the day away wasn’t a huge deal. Well, now I am 30 with two babies, and I learned I have to be much more mindful of how much I eat versus how active I am. Even if you don’t want to do the Keto diet, I recommend using that app to track because it helps to breakdown your macros. This is just another way to see what your diet is made up of.

You got this! Healthy snacking doesn’t have to be hard or some difficult thing to do. Just being conscious of your eating habits will go a long way so that you don’t pack on the pandemic pounds.  It will be over soon…

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