7 Morning Workout Motivation Tips


Finding the motivation to workout isn’t easy, especially if you’re trying to workout in the morning. Finding the time to workout as a mom can be tough, which is why many moms prefer to do it before their kids wake up. Working out in the morning frees up your day. Plus, all moms know how tiring a day with kids is, so even if you plan a workout at night, it might not just happen because of how exhausted you are.

Even though a morning sweat session is a great way to start your day, it can be hard to remember your fitness goals when you’re still sleepy and just want to hit the snooze button. But once you start training your body and mind to get your workout out of the way in the AM, you’ll feel so much better.

Here are some morning workout motivation tips to help get you out of bed and getting active as soon as you get up:

1.Visualize Yourself Waking Up Early

The night before, visualize yourself waking up early. This will mentally prepare yourself for getting up early and working out. Visualize your alarm going off and you getting out of bed to go workout.

2. Have A Why And Keep It Close

Think of your why and write it down on a piece of paper. Place that paper on your nightstand so that you see it every night before you go to bed. Having a visual reminder of your why will help keep you accountable and aid in waking up earlier to get in a morning workout. Be specific with your goals.

3. Lay Out Your Clothes

Before you go to bed, lay out your workout clothes near by. It’s an easy way to streamline your morning and act as yet another visual reminder to work out!

4. Shorter AM Workouts

If your goal is to just get moving much earlier, be realistic with your workouts. Don’t try to overdue it and go for hours at a time so early in the morning. Start with quicker and shorter workouts until you’ve become a fully early morning workout person.

5. Have A Consistent Wake Up Time

Get up at the same time every morning so that your body gets used to it. Before you know it, you’ll wake up even before your alarm. This will also help you feel more alert in the morning at the same time.

6. Have An App That Forces Your Out Of Bed

If you’re really not a morning person and everything else fails, use an alarm app that forces you to think even before you can get up and turn it off. There are apps that force you to solve a number problem in order to turn off (My Math Alarm Clock). Others will force you to take pics of the same thing every morning to turn it off like Alarmy. Or you can just put your alarm clock (or phone) somewhere that makes you get up to turn it off.

7. Don’t Stop Moving Once You’re Up

Once you’re awake, you want to make sure you stay that way. Don’t do go directly to your phone and instead start to get ready to move. If you stop and take a phone break, you might be scrolling for too long, thus missing your chance to workout in the am.

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What other morning workout motivation tips can you offer?