8 Convenient Pre-Workout Breakfast Ideas For Extra Fuel


I’m not a breakfast person. Hell, I’m not even a morning person. But I’m up bright and early everyday because of my kids. Some days, I like to get in my workouts in the morning, but I don’t like eating a big protein-packed breakfast before (as is recommended by trainers and nutritionists).

Even on days, I’m not working out super early, I’m barely getting around to eating until after 10. I know I need to change that to help with my metabolism, so I’ve been trying to find some eats that are fast, convenient and not overly filling.

The Perfect Pre-Workout Breakfast

The best thing for a pre-workout breakfast is carbs since it provides some quick energy and a boost to glycogen. This is simply your body’s glucose reserve, which is your body’s fuel and what your muscles need for a good workout. Usually, this can be in the form of grains or fruit. And if you’re weight training, you’ll want some protein, too (eggs, yogurt, etc.). The best pre-workout breakfast ideas will definitely vary from person to person, so try a few thins to see what works for you and what makes you feel good before your am sweat sesh!

Convenient Pre-Workout Breakfast Ideas

1. Some Cereal or Granola

A small portion of cereal or granola can provide you with just enough carbs, protein and fiber to sustain your workout or get your body fueled for the day ahead. Skip the sugary stuff and find one with dried fruits, seeds, nuts and oat for a better option.

2. A Banana

You can never go wrong with a banana and it’s my go-to in the mornings as soon as I wake up! Cheryl Ayos, owner of SoreCore in Temescal Valley, CA, says you should eat something as soon as you wake up to boost your metabolism. Since I’m not a full breakfast person, as soon as I get to the kitchen, I grab a banana! It’s the perfect amount of protein to keep me going.

3. Toast

Toast is a great pre-workout breakfast because it’s easy to make and easier to digest. You can beef up your toast with jam or even nut butter.

4. Smoothie

It’s always a great morning when I make smoothies. They’re packed with good nutrients and are easy to drink while you’re getting your kids ready in the am. You can actually make your smoothie more or less filling depending on what ingredients you want to use.

5. Yogurt

Yogurt is a very digestible way to provide your body with carbs and some protein before a workout. Add honey or jam for some extra flavor if you buy unsweetened ones.

6. Protein Bar

Protein bars are compact and easy to eat. They are portable, so you can eat them anywhere! They’re great for weight-training workouts, too!

7. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a classic breakfast that’s easy to make and customize with your desired fixings. Plus, it’s a great way to get in some protein and complex carbs in the am.

8. Hard-boiled eggs and grapes

Some easy-on-the-stomach protein before a workout is hard-boiled eggs. You can add a side of grapes for some extra energy if you’re hungrier than usual in the morning, too.

What are some other Convenient Pre-Workout Breakfast Ideas that you like to eat?!

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