Does BMI Matter For Surrogacy? {Sponsored}


You’ve probably heard the term “BMI” at your doctor’s office or a health professional might have mentioned it while giving you the rundown on your health. BMI is your Body Mass Index and relates to how much fat your body has in relation to your height and weight (however, it’s not a direct measure of your body fatness). It’s a medical screening tool that’s used to see if individuals are either underweight, healthy, overweight or obese. 

BMI can be a touchy subject for many as bodyweight is a very personal and sensitive subject. But when it comes to surrogacy, the topic of BMI will come up when applying to become a surrogate as it relates to the woman’s health and ability to successfully carry a baby to term. BMI is just one of the many aspects a potential surrogate is screened in the process. 

How Does BMI Relate To Surrogacy?

It must be noted that there is a required BMI needed for surrogate mothers. Women need to have a body mass index of 30 or lower in order to successfully pass the application process. However, if she’s been a successful surrogate in the past, she can pass with a BMI of 32 or lower. 

Having a low BMI is important for surrogate mothers because it helps create a safe environment for all parties involved – the parents, baby (or babies) and the surrogate. Being overweight or obese can add several complications when trying to conceive give women with higher BMIs tend to have a harder time. Women with high BMIs can also have complications arise during labor and are more inclined to develop gestational diabetes or preeclampsia. 

If you’d like to be a surrogate, but have a high BMI, you can still apply once the number has decreased into the eligible range for surrogacy. In order to do that, you’ll have to make some lifestyle changes (which will only pay off in the end as you’ll establish good, healthy habits). Interested women will need to lower their BMI by losing weight. Here are some healthy ideas on where to start:

Get Professional Help

If you’re looking to get down to an adequate BMI for surrogacy, you might want to ask for help by seeing a nutritionist or fitness trainer. You’ll be able to talk to a professional about your surrogacy goals and they’ll help you find the tools needed to get down your BMI. These tools will be able to help you way beyond your surrogacy journey, too. 

Get Active By Going Outside

Getting out for a walk, bike ride, jog or hike can really get your blood flowing and help you shed some weight. Make it a goal to go outside for at least 30 minutes each day and then once you’ve accomplished that, set that number higher! It’s a fun way to get healthy and stay active 

Watch Videos At Home

Thanks to the Internet, there are tons of free options when it comes to workout videos to follow. It doesn’t matter what fitness level you’re at, you’ll definitely find something that’s enjoyable to follow. 

Meal Prep

Half of the healthy equation for a lower BMI is eating right. The best way to do that is to meal prep healthy options so that you’re not reaching for junk food. Go online and research what sorts of healthy foods you like for recipes and get cooking for the week!

Have Support

The best way to stay committed to your health goals is to enlist a friend! Grab a pal or two and have them join in on your healthy lifestyle challenge so that it makes the journey easier on everyone. They’ll be able to help motivate you to get down to a healthy BMI for your surrogacy journey and you’ll be there to help them reach their health goals, too!

Wondering what other requirements are needed for surrogacy or what the application entails? Visit Extraordinary Conceptions’ website to learn more about the process and more! You can also check out our video for a quick introduction on surrogacy from someone’s who has done it before!