Free Home Workouts For A Good Sweat!


CODIV-19 is definitely impacting everyone’s normal daily routines right now, but the global pandemic doesn’t necessarily have to hinder your fitness and wellness regime. It doesn’t matter if your favorite local gym is closed or if your’e practicing social distancing to do your part on keeping other healthy, we’ve got you covered with a list of free home workouts that’ll make you break a sweat and keep sane (especially if you’re like me and workout daily to keep the crazies away). Let us know which one is your fave!


BeachBody’s ethos is all about working at home and they offer a ton of workout options in their massive video library. For $99 a year, you can access their BeachBody On-Demand (think Netflix with nothing but workouts) to stay fit. But if you’re just looking for something to get you through this damn pandemic, here are 9 sample workouts to try when the kids are asleep or busy playing.

Tone It Up

I personally love Tone It Up because the workouts are easy to do anywhere but are still quite challenging (especially if you add any weights you might have at home). They offer tons of free workout resources and their program is really effective if you stick to it.

Active By Popsugar

Right now, you can join Active by Popsugar for free so that you and your loved ones can stay active while at home. There’s a TON of different guided workouts to choose from, so depending on your mood, you’ll def. be able to break a sweat!


If you’re looking or something that isn’t really intense, but still a great workout, try out Blogilates and her offerings. She sends tons of great monthly workout calendars and offers free videos to workout. She even has a 14-day quarantine workout calendar ready to go for you!



IG has loads of free workouts and here’s an account you should follow for some great at-home exercises. Here’s one especially made for quarantine, using just body weight.


Here’s another great IG fitness account to get free workouts from. I’ve personally followed one of her paid programs and loved it. I was able to do it in the garage (but I do have weights and workout equipment) and didn’t have any trouble following the videos.


Her account is perfect for home HIIT workouts that will get the heart pumping and the blood flowing. They’re easy to follow and will get you out of breathe in just about 20 minutes. Want a longer workout? Just double up on some of her IG videos!

If you’re willing to dish out a small monthly fee, I also loved Kayla Itsines’ app that was $20 a month for subscription of her videos. She offers a free trial to test it before you fully commit.

Here’s another great site that has free workout apps to try, too!

If you’re going stir crazy inside, try these workouts on your porch, front lawn, backyard or even in the driveway to change it up a bit. Just remember to continue doing things that you love (modified, of course) to stay sane and happy during this chaotic time!