10 Activities for a Spooktacular Halloween at Home


Halloween is going to look a lot different this year. Although there are still some Halloween events happening, drive-thru of course, many will opt to staying home. No need to fret! There is still plenty you can do at home to get into the Halloween spirit!

We would love to share with you some ideas on how to have a spooktacular Halloween at home. Take a look at our 10 Activities for a Spooktacular Halloween at Home to celebrate your ghoulishly-delightful Halloween night.

After all, the fun part of Halloween is getting lots of candy! Don’t feel discouraged to celebrate because your little ones won’t be trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. They can still trick-or-treat at home!

10 Activities for a Spooktacular Halloween at Home


No tricks here! Okay, maybe some muahahaha (evil laugh)! Hide a candy cauldron in each room of the house and have your kids search for them. If you have multiple members in your home, you can have them hide in the rooms with the candy. Make it a little spooky by dimming the lights or even turning them off and only use a flashlight to get around.

Setting the BOOd

Switch your light bulbs to black bulbs to set a dark and hauntingly mood in your home. You can also turn off the lights and set out candles for an eerie feeling. With weather permitting, you can fire up your fireplace and pretend like you’re in the show, Are You Afraid of the Dark? Better yet, fire up the fire pit outside if you have one!

A Terrifying Movie Night

You can’t go wrong with making some popcorn, putting your costume on, and watching some hair-raising movies. Make it extra creepy by following the “Setting the BOOd” tips. A list of adult Halloween classics can be found here. A less scary list of Halloween classics for the kiddos can be found here.

Carving the King Contest

The famous Pumpkin King deserves a contest of his own. Have a pumpkin carving contest to see who can carve Jack Skellington the best. Get creative and maybe even hike the Pumpkin Rock Trail before carving for some inspiration.

Bone-chilling Experiments

What’s more bone-chilling than dry ice? Literally. Do NOT touch dry ice with your bare hands! Touching dry ice without protection is SOOOO cold that it will burn you. Ironic, huh? There is just something so chilling and haunting about dry ice fog that it intrigues children and even adults. Check out this list of 13 Amazing Science Experiments Using Dry Ice to do on Halloween night. You can also put some dry ice in a container underneath your TV as you watch scary movies for an even more spine-chilling night.

Let’s Get Bogey, Man!

Think old school for this. Set out a table with a punch bowl, chips, chicken strips, ranch, fruit, candy, and cookies. Decorate the room and dim the lights for an enchanted night. Let your kiddos have a blast munching and dancing the night away in their costumes with this Halloween songs list. Dance like no one is watching and just have fun!

Spooky Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? Have a dreadful night making spooky cookies with your kiddos. Don’t worry about how clean your kitchen is or how much flour is on the floor. Allow your kids to get messy and just have fun! The point is to make being at home more fun than being outside with other trick-or-treaters! Check out this sugar cookie and royal icing recipe and this Pinterest page for ideas on how to decorate.

Scary Door Contest

Offices are not the only places with doors! Why not have a Scary Door contest in your very own home? Have your kids decorate their room doors with scary Halloween props. Think skulls, spiderwebs, spiders, witches, pumpkins, ghosts, and mummies. Check here for some ideas on how your little ghouls can decorate their doors.

Mummy Races

Grab some toilet paper (COVID permitting) and wrap your little mummies from head to toe. Okay, leave their eyes open. Have them race against each other to see who gets to the finish line without ripping their wrapped toilet paper. Make it extra exciting by having them get to a checkpoint, unwrap themselves, then wrap another mummy to finish off the race.

Face Painting

Face painting is not only a classic activity to do on Halloween, but it’s also lots of fun. Order a Halloween makeup set ahead of time to eliminate any delays and have the little ones help paint their own face or better yet, paint their parent’s face. Kids just have so much more fun when they get to paint an adult’s face. Make it a competition to see who paints the best themed face for a ghastly night.

We hope these 10 Activities for a Spooktacular Halloween at Home help you get into the Halloween spirit! If you have other ideas on how to make a Halloween at home even spookier, let us know!

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