santa with little kid

Missing out on your Santa pics this year? Don’t worry, your kids can still experience Santa with a telephone call! It might not be the same as an in-person meet, but they can still talk to Santa this year and you can enjoy the mom win for the magic you’re creating this season.

So how can your littles talk to Santa?

Here are different ways for your kids to have a conversation with jolly St. Nick before Christmas!

Santa Hotline

It’s easy to reach the North Pole with Santa’s Hotline. This free call to Santa connects children to a voicemail box. They can leave a message to Santa. It’s an international number that’s available in the US, France, Sweden and other countries. All you have to do is call 1(319)527-2680 or 1(712)770-4404.

Call Santa Using Alexa

Have your kids talk to Santa using the phrase, “Alexa, call Santa.” When you do, you’ll hear from Jack Frost, Santa and his elves. Each time you say it, you’ll get something different, including some jokes. To get set up for FreeTime, in your Alexa app, choose Devices icon and then choose the compatible Alexa device. Then tap on FreeTime and follow the prompts to finish the setup.

Ask Santa

Create an account on Ask Santa for an AI experience for Christmas. Just ask a question by recording your question out loud. You can also have Santa ask your kids questions, listen to him talk about the North Pole and more. It’s a fun way to connect to Santa this year and is free (but donations are accepted for the American Hearth Association).

Message From Santa! App

The fun Message From Santa app provides parents a chance to start a video message from Santa. They can also get a phone call, call St. Nick’s voicemail and even text him. It’s a free app (with in-app purchases) and is available for Android and iOS devices.

Google Home Call Santa

If you have Google Home or Google Assistant, you can have it call Santa. Just say, “Hey Google, call Santa,” and you’ll hear about how he’s super busy rehearsing for a musical concert. He’ll need help from your kids! They can also make a call to him on a smart display to see the fun album covers from other North Pole musical bands.

Christmas Dialer

Let Santa ask your kids if they’ve been naughty or nice when you use Christmas Dialer. You can choose Santa or one of his elves to place a call and then select one of four messages. You can also type your own message and then place call right away.

Portable North Pole

The website and mobile app lets you create customized greetings from Santa on video. You answer a few questions about your kids and then Santa can talk to them individually or as a group.

We hope this helps provide some extra magic this holiday season! Also, check out our Letter to Santa!


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