Celebrating Mother’s Day At Home: How To Make The Day Extra Special For Mama


pink flower vase on table | celebrating mother's day at homeIt doesn’t look like we’re be doing the traditional Mother’s Day celebrations we all planned on having because of the stay-at-home orders still being in effective due to Coronavirus. No brunches at fancy restaurants, large BBQs with family and friends or weekend getaways for mom this year. But that doesn’t men we can still celebrate Mother’s Day because we’re all stuck a home!

As long as you make mom feel special, she’ll know how much you appreciate her and everything she does. So to help you plan an amazing day, here are some tips on how to make Mother’s Day extra special at home (presented by Life Back Medical):

Order Out

This is a no brainer and is probably what many will do for Mother’s Day. Call up her favorite restaurant and order a grand meal to go! Just don’t forget to also pick up some drinks for mom to enjoy, too. Mimosas, margaritas, bellinis… she’ll feel as if she’s out having brunch somewhere even though it’s right in her own home.

Cook A Scrumptious Spread

If you really want to impress mom this year at home, pull up your sleeves and get to work in the kitchen! See if you can either make her favorite meal or whip up some yummy brunch staples like fruit-covered french toast, hearty quiche or a breakfast fit for queen with all the fixings. Just make sure that YOU pick up the mess afterward because Mother’s Day should be her day off from any housework. Breakfast in bed is always a winner, too!

Spa At Home

Make mom feel like she’s at a luxurious spa while at home by transforming your space into a relaxing retreat. Put on relaxing tunes, run some aromatherapy in her oil diffuser, lay out her robe (extra brownie points if you buy her one), get out her slippers, have some cucumber and lemon water handy and then pamper her! Give her a mani and pedi combo with new gift nail polish colors, a bespoke facial using a variety of face mask, give her a hand and foot message and run her a relaxing bubble bath! You can get the kids involved (if they’re old enough) by instructing them what to do before May 10th.

Coordinate A Netflix Watch Party With Her BFFs

Because mom can’t see her BFFs this year, you can coordinate a fun Netflix watch party with her mom crew. Coordinate with their hubbies and let them cry and laugh together as they watch their favorite movies and chat via the message function. Don’t forget to provide her with necessary snacks and wine!

Zoom Mother’s Day Celebration

Thank goodness for Zoom, right? For Mother’s Day set up a special Mother’s Day conference with all the ladies in the family to celebrate the special day! You can also coordinate it where they can play fun games like Bingo, Scattergories, Most Likely To..., Trivia, Pictionary, Heads Up, and Charades.

A Day Of Nothing

Ask any mom and she’ll most likely tell you that all she wants is to do absolutely NOTHING for just one day. That means not having to get up with the kids, make food, watch Disney channel all day, do the dishes, wash, clean or do anything that she’d normally do on any other day. This Mother’s Day is the perfect time to let her sleep in like she used to before kids, make her breakfast, lunch and even dinner in bed and let her do nothing. Be at her beck and call all day!

Need More Ideas?

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