two kids playing outside in snow

Wondering how to capture holiday memories this holiday season from your own smartphone or camera?

Of course you do! To help you to so, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to make it easier than ever (despite your kids being reluctant).

Have Fun!

The main point of these pictures it to have fun. Choose activities that are exciting and fun for your family.  And if convenience feels helpful, we say go for it! Target has gingerbread house making kits, and Swiss Miss has perfected the art of powdered hot chocolate. 🙂

Always Plan Ahead

Lay out outfits beforehand and explain to your kids that they’re the special clothes they get to wear for gingerbread house making/hot chocolate partying/Christmas tree decorating. By alerting them of the activity beforehand, you’re already setting up their excitement. They’ll be more willing to participate and cooperate when told in advance.

Share The Camera

Take fun pictures of your kids. Try to make them laugh with your corny jokes and your bad Santa impression. Then, hand them the camera to get a chance to experience the fun of taking photos, AND you’ll get to be IN the pictures, instead of behind the lens. The same goes for pictures with friends and family!

Use A Tripod

You should really invest in a good tripod. There are tons of great, affordable options on Amazon and this will allow everyone to get in the shot! Great for pictures with friends or your significant other too!

Let Your Kids Help Edit

After the pictures are done, let your kids help edit. Photography is an art and you’ll be teaching them how to edit photos for an at-home learning experience.

It can be so easy to forget to capture holiday memories great photos of your kids or your friends… we LOVE when people are having so much fun they don’t even think about their phone… BUT you’ll be so glad to have some pretty memories to look back on together!

Photo by Vika Fleisher on Unsplash
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