woman with a DIY holiday wreath

Feel like getting crafty?

Then grab a glass of wine or some hot coco, watch some Hallmark Channel Christmas movies and get to crafting with this simply DIY your own holiday wreath! We promise it’s not going to take much work or skill. All you need are a few supplies from the Dollar Store, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and you’re good to go!

Materials You’ll Need:

  • A wire wreath frame (see below)
  • Bunches of different leaves, branches, grasses, berries, etc. You can out out on a hike and find it or just stop by a local plant nursery or craft store.
  • Wire cutters or pliers
  • A hot glue gun and glue (or wire)
  • Ribbon to hang it up

How To Make Your DIY Holiday Wreath

  1. Lay out all of your materials on a large surface, with your wire frame in the center. Separate the foraged materials into bunches so that it’s easy to grab a little of each as you work on the DIY Holiday Wreath.
  2. Once organized, start pulling a bit of each type of branch into a little bunch then place the bunch on the wire frame and attach it with your wire or use the glue gun to keep the branches in place exactly how you want them.
  3. Repeat step 2 stacking the next bunch below the first one on the wreath and attaching it by wrapping the wire around it to secure it all. Repeat this process until you’ve made it all the way back around the frame!
  4. Once you’ve put the base of greenery on the DIY Holiday Wreath, you can glue on extra berries, bows or other embellishments if you want more sparkle.
  5. That’s it! You can now hang it or take pictures of you and your family holding the wreath to capture your special DIY holiday wreath!
  6. Tie a ribbon on top to hang it up on you door or inside your home during the holidays.

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