Low-Key Holiday Activity Ideas for the Pregnant and Tired


Are you heavily pregnant this holiday season? This post is for you!

Are you not experiencing that second-trimester energy boost that was promised? This post is also for you!

Are you having the worst first-trimester symptoms? This post might just be for you.

Are you just plain tired? This post is definitely for you. 


To start off, let me just tell you now that all of these activities are going to require some amount of effort. As parents, we already know that making memories generally requires preparation and cleaning and even more so during the holidays. If it were spring time, I’d tell you just to cancel your plans and rest. However, we have to push ourselves a little bit during this festive time of year because we are crafty, fun and creative parents. Go us! So strap your kids in because mama is going to HO HO HO this joint with the following ideas… 

Minimal Effort Activities:

  • Watch Christmas movies with (warm) hot chocolate. 
  • Do advent calendar activity workbooks – find them at Target and craft stores.
  • Color in some holiday coloring books – hit up the 99 cents store or Dollar Tree for these.
  • Run a “holiday bubble bath” – I like to play Christmas music, toss in a kid’s bath bomb and pour an excessive amount of bubbles in the tub to let them have a blast while I just sit and watch them play. 
  • Read your favorite holiday books – my daughter has me read the same ones 10 times (and I’m sure yours do, too).

Medium Effort Activities:

  • Drive around the neighborhood looking for Christmas lights – or check out our Holiday Guide to Lights here!
  • Decorate the kids’ rooms with paper snowflakes – I roll tape on ready-made snowflakes and let my daughter go crazy. 
  • Make cozy forts and watch more holiday movies. 
  • Decorate sugar cookies – buy the pre-made dough or a kit from your local market and don’t forget a festive vinyl table cloth for easy wiping. 
  • Go see Frozen 2 and treat yourself – I mean the kids – to some popcorn.

Most Effort Activities:

  • Make holiday cookies from scratch – here’s my fool-proof chocolate chip oatmeal recipe.
  • Decorate the Christmas tree together – heavy lifting is required by the non-gestating parental unit. 
  • Walk around to see Christmas lights (and sit often). – We are checking out Amaze Light Festival at Silverlakes in Norco this year. 
  • Take your kids to Donuts with Santa and let them loose at Romp-o-Rama while you sit this December 6th!

I tried to keep this list as practical as possible being 7-months pregnant myself. Of course, there are fun activities, such as ice skating, taking a day trip to the mountains or Knott’s Merry Farm for the non-pregnant or those with unicorn pregnancies (power to you goddesses!). For the rest of us, hopefully, some of these ideas work out for you or at least get your creative juices going. 

Happy memories-making this holiday season!