Mickey’s Halloween Party: A Review from a Mom with a Toddler

The Villanuevas at Mickey’s Halloween Party

Mickey’s Halloween Party :: A Review

In short, we had a blast! And I’m pretty positive my little family only scratched the surface. Just in case you are not in the know, or just brushed off this seasonal event like I used to, Mickey’s Halloween Party runs from late September up until Halloween.

Disneyland gives adults and children alike the chance to dress up as their favorite characters in a special after-hours park event and make their way through the many Trick or Treat trails throughout the park. The party officially starts at 6 p.m. but ticket holders can enter park gates several hours earlier.

Our 20-month-old does not nap well, or at all when we take her out – possibly toddler FOMO? I have no idea. So we arrived just before the event started to make sure she had real food in her system and a solid nap under her belt. My little Moana was ready while Te Fiti and Maui, mom and dad respectively, were a bit nervous and unsure if this was truly a toddler-friendly event.

Spoiler alert, it was!

Here are a few reasons why my husband and I will probably bring our daughter back next year: 

  • Disney gives out snacks, not just candy! If you have a toddler, then you know very well it’s all about the snacks. Who needs three square meals when you’d rather eat your weight in apple slices? My daughter did not eat a single piece of candy, and we got plenty. I would have let her since it was a special occasion but she was in love with the Pirates Booty, pretzel Goldfish, and other candy alternatives. She was in snack heaven and we have plenty for days now. 
  • It’s a great Trick or Treating primer. We taught our daughter how to hold her bag and receive the treats. She didn’t quite learn the phrase “trick or treat” but watching her say thank you in her toddler language and wave bye to the cast members absolutely melted our hearts. When she understood the trick or treating concept, she was even more excited to participate. She walked a long way on her own which contributed to a great night’s sleep. I was even surprised by how patiently she waited in line. I guess when you strategically place snacks in her path she’ll complacently wait through anything.  
Grandpa and Grandma V. escort Moana through Toon Town
  • It’s the perfect event to promote quality time with your little one and family members. My daughter was so happy to see that her grandparents were there too. Not only did they collect treats on her behalf, but it was so nice having an extra set of hands and eyes on her at all times. It made organizing space and treats easier and let our daughter feel a bit more independent, as toddlers tend to want, by leading her grandma and grandpa around. We are pretty lucky that grandma is our house mouse expert since she’s worked for Disneyland for the last decade. She knew where to take us and how to get around. Win!
  • They have a special Halloween parade and fireworks show. We saw both. While it was a very late night for our little one, the new experiences were well worth it. She absolutely loved the parade and, to my surprise, did not find it the least bit spooky. Watching her blow kisses at some of the villains was pretty hilarious. She ain’t afraid of no ghost!
  • And here’s a bonus point for parents of older children – Disneyland had some of the shortest ride wait times I have seen in years. We walked by Indiana Jones and it was only a 10-minute wait! My husband and I looked wistfully at the empty line. If you have older children, I imagine you can get quite a few rides in by attending this evening event without having to pay the full day admission price and you get candy!
Mickey Pumpkin taken by Sandra Villanueva

All in all, it was a “spook-tacular” party! If you think your toddler might be too little to fully appreciate it, I would strongly reconsider. Don’t forget to bring an extra bag for your candy; you are going to need it.


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