One Mom’s Ode To Groupon During The Holidays


I didn’t use to love Groupon.  I used to shop around online and find the absolute best deal for the exact thing I wanted.  Then along came Groupon Select. Not only can I find nearly every sort of thing I am searching for but I now get a Groupon Select discount on top of the regular Groupon deal (it costs five dollars per month to save an additional percentage off prices).

The things they sell are pretty surprising and diverse and, with the holidays upon us, I have certainly been shopping more than usual on goodies for loved ones. Groupon limits my driving in this traffic and dealing with the lines but don’t get me wrong… I still regularly hit my usuals: Costco, Dollartree and some others.

This past week, my mother in law visited from Montana, for Thanksgiving. Of course, I cleaned the house and polished the silverware, but I also purchased and scheduled a carpet cleaner I found on Groupon. I then ordered a fresh cut fir wreath for the front door (cheaper than local places and smells as good). While cleaning around the house and yard, I noticed our garden hose was broken and grabbed another on Groupon.  After my mother in law visited, I started shopping for an adopted holiday family’s children’s gifts, and so, was on the lookout for all things Barbie and an unusual remote control vehicle.  I found them both and for less expensive than any local shop and with recognized brand names. I thought Groupon had been stumped when a friend stopped by to bring a plate of holiday treats and asked where to find her size air furnace filters inexpensively.  We found them on Groupon – same brand, for 1/3 the cost of the local home stores.

All of this Groupon buzz started because I’m a mom to an elementary school aged boy and am always on the lookout for AFFORDABLE fun activities, preferably learning activities.  I used to have an activity in mind and set out to find a deal for that one event (this was often times impossible to find on a whim and disappointing for our son if I was unable to find a deal). I now buy tried and true local deals or new unique experiences I know he will enjoy and I snatch them up in preparation for some down time. Currently in my Groupon queue, I have a local science lab for under $5/hour, rock climbing and several different jungle gym admissions. Recently, we took a risk and bought something that seemed too good to be true. For his birthday, our son asked for his own desk and chair in our office. The boxes arrived with questionable assembly instructions, but my husband figured it out and we spent under $100 total. Quality so far is good!

Even during less hectic times of the year, I use Groupon for activities, restaurants and the constant need for charger cords.

Anything to keep the holidays less hectic.  Cheers!

*Submitted by Rebecca Moellmer-Shipek of Temescal Valley*