Okay moms, just because we’re dealing with COVID-19 right now doesn’t mean you can’t still get into the Halloween spirt. You can still safely trick-o-treat and hang with close friends or you can stay home and celebrate the spooky holiday with your immediate family (if you’re taking precautions).

But whatever you choose, you can still dress up! You’re probably already going to have the kiddos dress up for Halloween, but what about you? Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t still have some halloween fun and play dress up, too! In fact, your kids will love to see you in your costume and will definitely be one of their favorite memories of you when they’re older.

Sure, there’s a ton of sexy Halloween Costumes out there (which some moms might not are right for them), but there are still tons of other cute halloween costumes for moms that are super cute and still allow you to be comfortable and confident!

In fact 3Wishes.com has all the best Halloween costumes (and lingerie) for women – sexy and not. You’ll definitely find something that appeals to your personal taste and comforts.

To help you choose a great Halloween costume for moms, here are our top picks:

Cuddle Koala Costume

This Halloween costume looks super cute and super comfy! And if it’s cold, it’ll definitely keep you warm after you add some tights and cute booties. Plus, you can have baby dressed up as the cutest joey around and carry them in a carrier or sling!

3 wishes cuddle koala costume

Joe Exotic Tiger Honey Costume

Dress up your kids like zoo animals and then you be a fierce tiger mama! It’s a modest costume that still has some sex appeal that hubby will go wild for!

3wishes tiger honey costume


Sexy Joe Exotic Costume

Or you can be Joe Exotic and have your kids dress up as tigers!


All Aboard Sailor Costume

Take to the high seas with your lil crew in this adorable sailor costume that sports a below-the-knee skirt and the cutest details!3 wishes ALL ABOARD SAILOR COSTUME

Skeletal Cutie Costume

Ever since we watched Cobra Kai on Netflix, my husband has been talking about dressing up as those retro skeletons the cobras wore. Well, I’m a bit fancier than that and love how this skeleton costume shimmers and shines! 3 wishes SKELETAL CUTIE COSTUMEAll Dolled Up Flapper Costume

I LOVED being a flapper in my heydays and it’s a regular costume I go to whenever I need something for an impromptu party or event. This one is super cute and will flatter any mom bod!


Angel Beauty Costume

Show off your angelic side with this gorgeous angel costume that will have your kids mistaking you for a heavenly princess.

angel beauty costume

Bewitching Beauty Costume

Show off your witchy craft in this fun witch costume that’s anything but basic.


Classy Kitty Costume

You can never go wrong with being a cat this Halloween and this classy kitty costume is perfect!

classy kitty costume

Cozy Shark Costume

Be warm and cozy in this super cute shark costume that will go with your Baby Shark family costume theme!

cozy shark costume

Disco Babe Costume

The 1970s had some great fashion and I’d be willing to wear this costume for date (just maybe).


Fancy Girl Costume

I loved the movie Clueless and now you can be Cher in her iconic yellow checkered outfit!

fancy girl costume

Polar Bear Onesie

Be a fuzzy polar bear that your kids will want to hug all day long in this super comfy onesie.

cozy polar bear costume

Sexy Stealth Ninja Costume

If your’e a boy mom, you’ve probably played ninjas once or twice. Now you can actually dress like one with this unique costume.

ninja costume

Top Gun Women’s Flight Dress Costume

One year for Halloween, my husband and I dressed like Top Gun. Back then, I made the costume, but these days, you can simply buy it and this one is a great option.

top gun costume

These are just some of the many Halloween costumes for women that 3Wishes has. They even have some for your partner so that you can create family costumes around a certain theme. Definitely check out their massive selection of Halloween costumes for moms and let us know which one you got! We were gifted an awesome one, but you’ll have to wait until Halloween to see it (make sure you’re following us on FB and IG)!

If you’re looking for other Halloween activities, make sure to click here!

Thank you to 3Wishes for sponsoring this awesome post!
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