The REAL Stuff Memories Are Made Of


As Mamas we ALL strive to make the MOST of every moment… every MEMORY.

All the newborn, infant, baby, toddler and childhood moments…and so on. The stuff we THINK memories are made of.

Always working to CAPTURE, savor and relish in all the moments and milestones.

It’s so overwhelming and in some ways, it’s SO much pressure, am I right?!


Did I fill out EVERY page in the “FIRST-year book”?

Wait, did I take note, pictures, and video of each milestone?

I for sure need to keep their FIRST outfits of each Holiday, Birthday and can’t forget what she/he wore to Target for the first time!

UGH, I forgot to take that 36-month picture, noooo!  

WAIT right there Mama…what are we actually doing to CREATE new, personalized and FUN memories?

Instead of purely focusing on ALL the things and MILESTONES that we KNOW are bound to happen?

Don’t get me wrong. Capturing and taking ALLL the pictures, like really though…ALL the pictures (#mamarazzi), I know I’m guilty and completely shameless! It’s all so important and truly is like a right of passage for any Mama.


Let’s not forget to create the new milestones, the NEW unique memories, moments and traditions.

Make them apart of the fun things that YOU get the opportunity to create NOT just anticipate.

The Stuff REAL memories are made of

A few ideas to help a MAMA out:

1. Making each Holiday, BIG or small, FUN, exciting and anticipated– recent example Valentine’s day. Try decorating their playroom (Hey, HEY $1 section at Target), do a seasonal bookshelf, make food FUN…heart shape pancakes anyone? Special plate or cup leading up to it makes for such a special treat to make mealtime FUN.

        ALL the Valentines things!

2. Rainy day MEMORIES- have a special game, movie, toy, book or song that will ALWAYS be a rainy day special!

Rainy day treat
This tent ONLY comes out on Rainy   Days


3.Playdate PROMISES– promise to always do ___ on a playdate. Love this idea of teaching and showing our littles: generosity, contribution, giving and sharing. Bring their favorite snack, craft or toys along, or have out at home if it’s a date at your house. That way you KNOW it makes the experience special and personalized. PLUS how cool would it be to always be known for something as a little? Like “Stella ALWAYS brings her finger paint craft EVERY time we play.” or “I love that YUMMY snack she brings each time we hang out!”. 

toddler life
We always come stocked to a play date with “Monkey’s” aka Dannon Yogurt mini smoothies. 

4. Make moments into memories– sounds so cheesy right? But Mama take the ordinary into extraordinary! EVEN if that means you just made sorting laundry into the BEST game of “who can do it faster?” or “How many colors can you find?” OR “let’s go on and AVENTURE!” aka… let’s walk to get the mail (in the rain). Including our littles into the daily “Mama Hustle” is KEY. SO often it’s “Mama on a mission” to get ALL the things done but slowing it down to let the littles “help” is everything. They remember these moments and keep as memories for sure. For me, when I was young doing dishes was my Jam! I got to wear a silly OVER sized apron, gloves and chat about “Mommy things” with my Mama.

On an ADVENTURE… to get the mail, in the rain. She LOVED it.

5. Rhythm of the week– what will your kids look back on and say their FAVORITE day of the week was? Maybe “Make it” Mondays- because they ALWAYS knew they’d be making something that day? Involve them in a crafty trip to Michaels or the grocery store to give them some creativity in what they get to make (craft, fort or maybe even “build your own” lunch or dinner? Or what about “FAVORITE Friday” because they knew THEY got to call the shots that day and pick their favorite meal, activity or outing (PLUS it takes the guessing game and thinking away from you…#winning!).

“FAVORITES” Friday, Although we go MOST days…BUT per “FAVORITES FRIDAY” request we load up and walk to our community park.

Whatever “stuff” you decide to make your memories NOT just milestones from, enjoy it.

There aren’t RULES in memory making.

There aren’t “MILESTONES” in creating memories that you HAVE to keep up with or ensure you and your little are on track with.

Just do it!

Do ALL the things that make REAL memories. Make the ordinary, EXTRAORDINARY!

Make it ALL your own… so you can enjoy that process and I KNOW your littles will ENJOY it too.

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Becca is a So Cal girl, born and raised! She married her High School/College Sweetheart, Steven. Corona is the city she and her Husband set roots in after getting married. The city that they got their first apartment, purchased their first home and brought home their baby girl to. This once career driven and work obsessed, Girlfriend turned Fiancé turned Wife, is now an ever so proud Stay at home Mama that enjoys most days keeping up with her lovely little 1 1/2 year old Stella. Between working out, hanging out, prepping all the meals and doing all the toddler life thing, Becca has a heart that is focused on God and being a Wife & Mama... all while using nap time as her personal timed mission to get all the things done! She is all about that Stay at home Mama hustle! Becca once claimed she’d never be a Stay at home Mama and maybe the leisure of a Stay at home Wife would best suit her instead, a little Bravo! TV Housewives, lunch dates and Venti iced Lattes anyone? That all changed when lovely little Stella came along and stole her heart and desire to want to balance her days and life any other way then right at Home doing all the Mama things. With the immense support of her Husband, she found herself willing to give up all her professional accomplishments, accolades and overall professional identity for the little girl that changed it all in the best of ways. Becca is so humbled and excited to be apart of the Corona Mom’s Blog and looks forward to connecting with all the other Mamas out there because Mamas need Mamas!