Tips For A Stress-Free Thanksgiving


With Thanksgiving this week, you might already be stressing over the day. There’s the cooking to do, the setting the table, cleaning and so much more. With so much to do in one day, it can be very overwhelming, especially if you’re hosting. Keep your cool with these tips for a stress-free Thanksgiving!

Create A Menu Ahead Of Time

Knowing what you’re going to have for Thanksgiving will help you tremendously the day of. You’ll be able to head to the market to get what you need ahead of time so that you’re not stuck at the store with all the last minute shoppers. A menu for Thanksgiving will also help guide you as to what needs to be cooked first and your meal prep for the day.

Cut Things The Night Before

To help save you time on Thanksgiving, it’s best if you prep the night before. This includes cutting all the veggies and portions you need for the day of. It will save you tons of time the day of so that you can simply start cooking the meals.

Plan Two Shopping Trips

We know, this sounds insane, but it’ll help with a stress-free Thanksgiving (trust us)! Know that you will forget something (we always do). To be safe, create two lists so that you’re not looking at one mile-long list. Create one list for non-perishables (or even perishables you can keep for a minute) and shop off that list a few days before. Then, keep a second running list for items you can pick up days before.

Get Out Your Serving Pieces

To save you time the day of, have all of your serving pieces lined up in the washroom so that you’re not trying to kill yourself as you try and find the right dish for the mashed potatoes.

Get The Table Ready First

Instead of waiting until everything is cooked and done, get your table ready first. Set out the plates, utensils, napkins, etc. You’ll feel much more together if your table is all ready to go.

Have Tasks Ready For Helpers

If you’re having helpers for Thanksgiving, have certain tasks ready for them ahead of time. Have some one ready to put the apps together, maybe set the silverware, etc. If you plan these tasks ahead of time, you’ll get some actual help and your guests will feel helpful.

Take Notes For Next Year

Take notes for next year’s Thanksgiving. Maybe you need to double a recipe? Or maybe you want to add a new flavor? Whatever it is, take notes and place in a folder to use for next year. When it’s Thanksgiving time, just pull out the folder and pick up where you left off the year before.

Do you have any other tips for us to have a stress-free Thanksgiving?! Comment on them below!

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