Many consider the holidays the best time of the year. It’s definitely a magical time given the months October through December are jam-packed with holidays. But the stress of it all doesn’t really come until December, when moms everywhere are trying to figure out how to make it the most wonderful time of the year for their family. Add on a worldwide pandemic this year, and moms have a lot to really stress about this holiday season.

Although it’s a time of joy and peace, moms everywhere are the ones stressed over the magic they need to create to make it special for their family. From buying gifts, holiday cooking, doing the Elf on the Shelf, looking for fun holiday-themed events, photo shoots and everything else moms do, the holiday season is when moms overextend themselves.

In typical mom fashion, we all tend to put tons of pressure on ourselves during this time of year even though we don’t have to. If you’re looking for a stress-free holiday season, here are some helpful tips thanks to Center for Fertility Support. They understand the demands motherhood has and how oftentimes, moms don’t always seek support for themselves. These tips to reduce mom-stress during the holidays will allow you more peace and joy this season while still creating a festive month for your family.

  1. Say No

You have the power to say no to certain events and experiences that will elevate your stress levels. Give yourself permission to decline certain activities and obligations. Pick and choose what works best for your family and sanity.

  1. Always Give Yourself A Break

To really reduce mom-stress during the holidays, learn to give yourself a break. You can’t do it all, afford it all, go everywhere and the like. Don’t compare your abilities to some IG mom who is baking, Christmas caroling, buying expensive gifts and going on Christmas vacations because it’ll only bring you down. In order to de-stress, you’ll want to stop putting pressure on yourself to have everything be perfect. Your family will have a great time even if the holidays are not perfect.

  1. Create Your Own Holiday Family Traditions

Instead of trying to follow in what others are doing this holiday season, create your own instead. What works for another family might not work for yours. If the Elf on the Shelf is too stressful for you after seeing what Pinterest moms are doing, make it simple and easy! The Elf doesn’t have to be doing something extravagant every night. Simply hiding him in different places of the house will still excite your kids. Create holiday family traditions that work with your family. If something is too stressful, it’s not worth it in the end.

  1. Buy Gift Cards

We all have those people that are super hard to buy for. Then you stress and stress as you try to find that perfect gift. Instead of letting it stress you out, just buy them a gift card for a store they like! Let them buy themselves their gift. It’s the thought that counts, remember?

  1. Get Some Alone Time

Don’t forget to schedule in some alone time for yourself! Use that time to unwind and recharge so that you don’t burn yourself out during the most festive and busiest time of the year!

The holidays can be hard for people, especially moms. If you’re experiencing higher-than-normal anxiety, mom stress or depression right now, book a FREE online counseling session with Center for Fertility Support. It always helps to talk to someone and they’re ready to hear you out. It doesn’t matter if you need to just vent about being a mom or need serious help, Center for Fertility Support wants to help.

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