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After the year we had in 2020, we should all look to bring more joy in our homes in 2021. Your home should be your sanctuary – a place where you can totally relax and be comfortable. Your home should make you happy and bring you peace. It should be a place where your family always feels safe and it should bring you happiness.

By focusing on bringing more joy to your home, you’re focusing on the small and big moments that really light up life. It’ll also help with keeping the positive momentum you want to start the year with flowing all the way through December.

If you’re looking to to bring more joy into your home this year, here are a few ways to do so!

1.Play More Music

Don’t just play music while you’re cleaning. Play it all day long no matter what the day brings. Music can be an instant mood changer and can really uplift your spirits. Play music according to your mood or let the music dictate your mood. You’ll love it either way and might bust out doing an impromptu dance off with the family!

2. Try Doing Hygge

Hygee is a Danish concept that is supposed to help with comfort and happiness. Make your home cozier by adding tons of blankets, pillows, dressing cozy and setting a cozy mood. The idea behind hygge is to keep things light, warm, soft and as comforting as you can.

3. Add More Citrus

Lemons and oranges have a long history of really brightening up spaces. Add more citrus to your home in the sense of visuals and smells. Add big bowls of lemons and oranges in the kitchen and diffuse some citrus essential oils. Don’t forget to eat them for added health benefits!

4. Add Color

Color can really affect your mood. Add a colorful painting to your space, eat more color in your foods, wear more colors and just add color where you can to really shift your mood at home for the better.

5. Add Some Crafty Spaces

Transform your space into a creative space that brings you joy. Whatever sort of crafting you like to do, create a special nook for it. It doesn’t have to be highly decorated or some large space to really bring joy. Just make sure it’s functional for your creative juices to flow.

6. Clean Regularly

You’re probably already doing this, but putting more focus in a clean space will bring you more joy. Clutter can add stress and bring down your mood. Never underestimate the power of cleaning since it can bring instant rewards like fresh energy, new perspective and more sparkle to your home. If you need some tips, check out this post!

How else would you add more joy into your home?

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