Wouldn’t you agree that this year has been a turmoil of emotions and experiences? Everything in our day to day living has completely changed, and as the holidays approach some of us are not even sure if we will be able to celebrate the holidays as we are accustomed to doing them. Well, this year I suggest that you go all out with each holiday!

As a home organizer, the top reason I hear from my clients is that they never have enough time to get all of the decorations out and up. Between the holiday parties, local community events, traveling out of town or family visiting, and all the other distractions; wouldn’t you agree? Most of us have been home and perhaps we are sick of looking at our walls. I say it’s time to decorate!

Gathering Stage

So, make sure you have space in your house or garage to get all of your holiday decorations down from the shelves, rafters, sheds, etc. Spread out a bit so you can sort and put like items together. Then walk around your home and look for items that never made it into the holiday bins. You remember what happened last year; you put away all the holiday decorations and then you walked into the kitchen, and saw those cute hand towels hanging from the oven handle. You put them in the wash, and then you shoved them in your rag bin because you said to yourself later you’ll put them into the holiday bin. Remember? Well, it’s time to get them and add them to your holiday items.


Now that everything is together in the same spot, time to inspect everything. Is anything torn, broken, paint is flaking, mug is chipped, or just looking to worn? Then it is time to throw it out. Last year was  last year, and it’s time to either replace it or put something else in the spot for that item always was.

Did you aunt leave her cookie platter and you just found it? Give her a call and let her know you will be dropping it off this week while you are out doing an essentials run, or did you find that recipe your sister-in-law is always asking about, snap a photo and text it to her now. Otherwise you’ll forget, and then be scrambling looking for it when she texts texts you Christmas Eve. Did you move recently? You brought all of your holiday decorations from your old home, and as you are looking through it you realize that a bunch of the décor won’t look right in your new place. Put those items into bags or boxes so you can donate them now to your local donation center.


After the distance learning is done and everyone wants to go to their rooms, turn on holiday music and bring in some of the decorations. Let your children pick out their favorite decorations, and put them in a different place than their “normal” spot. 2020 by no means has been normal, so go ahead and decorate early, or put things in other places in your home. Be open to having Santa in your bathroom, watching you use the restroom. (He is watching to see if you are going to pick your nose or wash your hands!) Do you have an elaborate Christmas village or train set? Why not set it up now and put leaves or spiderwebs around it for the upcoming holiday? Then you can switch to snow later and it will already be set up. Even though we are expected to still have very warm weather for the next few months, you can bring out all your fall or winter scented candles, coffee, and décor and imagine cooler weather.

After everything is set up, displayed, and to your heart’s content. Look at what is leftover, do you see those extra rolls of wrapping paper that you got at the after holiday clearance section for 10 cents a roll? Yes, it’s time to let go of them. Donate or gift them to a friend. You don’t need it. You just finished decorating your home to the nines! You put decorations in almost every room in your home including the bathroom, plus the front porch, plus the backyard and you STILL have decorations…it means you need to let it go. Unless it is a family heirloom or something extremely sentimental that you would feel ill or guilt about, it is okay to get rid of it. I give you permission to trash, donate, or gift it to a friend, family, neighbor.

After the holidays are over and it is time to put it all away, you will feel accomplished for you got EVERYTHING out and displayed this year. It’s been a weird year that hasn’t followed any of the rules, but we got to create new rules and new ways to spend more time with our families. This is the year that your family will grow closer together, and talk about it for many years in the future.

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Allison Almond is home organizer specializing in being a full service home sale preparation and packing & unpacking moving specialist. She’s a divorced mom to a tween, and with her schedule, finding harmony between her demanding clients and kid is difficult at times. Born and raised in Orange County; she loves to read, garden, and use her Instant Pot. She has worn many career hats over the years, giving her the experience and ability to adjust to different situations. Making her a resource too many in her community. Fun fact: she likes to meet romance authors and go on vacation trips with them. For more information on Allison’s organizing services, more organizational tips or to set up a complementary consultation, visit Allisonalmond.com.